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optimal time to fill out advanced directive is
when they have all their faculties available. When they can think rationally and calmly.
A.D. identifies....
what they want done and who they want the decisions for your care to be given to.
2 parts of advanced directive
1) proxy named
2) what care they do/do not want with medical treatment.
patient self determination act, all clients must recieve info that they can refuse treatment and get info on advanced directives.
A. D. should be placed on chart and where relevant, T/F
DNR must be written by a _______
DNR must be renewed about every _____
48 hours
legally, there are no _____ or _______ codes
"slow" or "partial"
individuals must pick someone with the same _____ as them to be their proxy
spiritual beliefs and values
upon what should a person make decisions about their treatment
living will
can clients refuse treatment
can health care providers be sued if they honor the advanced directive by withholding treatment?
No, if it is the living will and it was witnessed in a state that supports living will.
What if you feel you cannot ethically follow the living will?
you can request another assignment.