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What are the 7 questions worldviews answer?
-What is the prime reality?
-What is external reality?
-What is a human being?
-What happens to a person at death?
-Why is it possible to know anything at all?
-How do we know what’s right and wrong?
-What is the meaning of human history?
· What is Sire’s main objection to the ethic of Deism?
-Relativism is not OK
· What does Sire say about the way Naturalists integrate their worldview?
-Inconsistent, not logically sound
· What is the main difference between naturalism and nihilism?
-Degree to which the world-view is taken seriously; Nihilism taken more seriously
· Why does the professor say Deism is alive and well today?
-People believe God exists but don’t expect Him to do anything
· According to Sire, what is the main difference between Existentialism and Naturalism?
Existentialism affirms human value with no basis
· According to the lectures, what would be an effective way to witness to a Pantheistic Monist or New Ager?
-Pantheistic Monist: Does Pantheistic Monism match up with reality? NO
-New Ager: NA is a completely selfish WV
· What is the main difference between New Age and Pantheistic monism?
-PM supports holistic nature where NA supports an Individualistic nature
· What is the main difference between postmodernism and existentialism?
-PoMods are not willing to make truth claims, Exis can
· What is an inherent self-contradiction of postmodernism?
All reality is unknown
· According to the lecture, to what type of tolerance are Christians called?
Negative tolerance
· What type of behavior is wrong, according to postmoderns?
· What are the 7 arguments for God?
-Cosmological, Ontological, Moral, Anthropological, Experiential, Historical, Incarnational
· What is the Jesus Trilemma?
-Liar, Lunatic, or Lord
5 Beliefs about the Bible?
-Hoax, Myth, Mistake, Redaction, Truth
What are some of the books (Mere Christianity) greatest contributions?
-Jesus trilemma, moral existence of God