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Massachusetts Law 1642
first law requiring parents/master
Massacusetts Law 1647
set pattern for education
Booker T. Washington
stood for African American education, practical education, social norms
Emma Hard Willard
-pioneer in women's education
-started boarding school for girls 1814
- went to government in order to get things done
-in 1840 became first female superindent of a school
English Classical High School
first high school in America
Monitorial system of education
developed by Joseph Lancaster, it was more effective
first college in the US
Friedrich Froebel
father of kindergarten, developed a systematic, planned curriculum for the education of young children
Montessori Method
respect for children is the cornerstone
Mary McLeod Bethune
daughter of former slaves, founded scool for negro girls
Benjamin Rush
first professor of chemistry
Thomas Jefferson
questioned classical education, said education should be more useful
Northwest Ordinance Acts
division of federally owned lands, set aside 16th section of each township for public education
Catherine Beecher
believed that it was the role teachers belonged to women
Freedman's Bureau
bureau of refugees
Progressive Era
1.change in poitical control of children
2. change in educational thought
3.innovations in school curriculum
4. justifications of schooling
5. importing of scientific managment
John Dewey
child centered curriculum, field trips, learn by doing, did case study of Gary, Indianna
William Du Bois
first African American to earn a PHD, supported political activism, editor of "the Crisis"
Committee Of Ten
national education association, decided what high school should be and what the curriculum should entail
Title IX
states that you cannot discrimminate based of off gender
Lyndon Johnson
war on poverty, reduce social divisions, break inter generation cycles
Jose Angel Gutierrez
organized streak of 1969, started school for Mexican Americans
No Child Left Behind
centered on standarized testing, attempt to close gaps between low income and high income teachers must be qualified to teach in their subject areas, raise reading and math proficiency
What makes a good teacher?`
-knowledge base
-teacher accountability
-teacher effectiveness
-teacher efficacy
What is a highly qualified teacher?
-bachelor's degree
-taken required tests
metaphors for teaching
-tribal leader
rewards of teaching
intrinsic: feel good, help others, spread knowledge
extrinsic: job security, summers off (not really), place in society
role of history
- schooling today is a result of the past
-puts issue into perspective
-it's a cycle!
-gives professionals a foundation
-provides new insights to present programs
role of quakers in middle colonies
- church responsibility in schooling
-more parochial and denominational
-for female education
Old Deluder Satan Act (Massachuesetts Act Of 1647)
said that towns were required to have schools, children must learn how to read and write
Common School Movement
- one purpose was to Americanize immigrants
-all education is the same
-coincided with industrialization and urbanization
Kalamazo case of 1873
- decided by supreme court of Michigan
- upheld use of tax money to go to support of common schools
-Benjamin Franklin's Academy opened in Philadelphia
-involved in commerce and trade
Middle Colonies
Pennyslvannia, New York, New Jersey, Maryland
Dame Schools
-open to girls and boys
-run by women
-instructional device used in Dame Schools