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Define a Randomized Controlled Trial.
A “true” experiment in which people are randomly allocated to receive a new intervention
(experimental group) or to
receive a conventional
intervention or none.
What is included in a randomized controlled trial for the participants?
Follow up
What are the strengths of a randomized controlled trial?
random assignment and the longitudinal nature, which ascertains whether the intervention determines outcome.
List the disadvantages for a randomized controlled trial.
cost, the wait for the follow up, possible lack of generalizibility
WHat is a cohort?
A group of individuals sharing a common characteristic and observed over time in the group
WHat is a cohort study?
Study that follow a cohort who are initially free of the disease or other condition of interest, and compares the characteristics of those who develop the condition with those who do not.
What is the benefit and cons of a cohort study?>
High level of evidence, but usually slow and expensive

-results may be inconclusive due to lack of data if the condition of interest has low prevalence