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Which organization took over nursing services in many european hospitals?
Sisters of Charity
Florence Nightingale established nursing as a profession with which 2 missions?
Sick nursing and Health Nursing
America's first trained nurse.
Linda Richards
Key woman in community health nursing
Lillian Wald
Opened first birth control clinic in Brooklyn
Mary Higgins Sanger
Federal aid to pay for nursing tuition in 1943
Bolton Act
Study that recommended building basic schools of nursing
Brown Report
Study that investigated proper training of public health nurses
Goldmark Report
Study that established 2 year programs leading to ADN
Community College Education for Nurses
Greatest future population growth
old-old (over 85)
Immigrants to US primarily from where?
Asis and Latin america
Most common cause of premature death
Hazardous lifestyles
2 major types of long term care facilities
chronic disease hospitals and nursing homes
Most controlled managed care
Staff HMO
Credentialling of many allied health education programs
A health care worker that helps to restore function to an injured or diseased part of a patient's body is called
a physical therapist.
The NANDA diagnoses are set up into ___ sections with over _____ diagnoses
9; 158
Nursing is the diagnosis and treatment of human responses to actual or potential health problems is ____________'s definition of nursing.
the ANA
Which theorist believed in the patient-environmental theory?
Florence Nightingale
This theorist developed the adaptation model
Sister Callista Roy
Who believed in the science of unitary human beings theory?
Martha Rogers
Who developed the self-care model?
Dorothea Orem
general definition of _________ is "the reasoned analysis and disciplined inquiry of relationships underlying the moral code of a particular group."
The Patients' Bill of Rights falls under the moral theory of
Some of the principles of ethical decision-making are
autonomy, beneficence, confidentiality, freedom. nonmaleficence, privacy, veracity, obligation.
rights, justice, fidelity.
Allowing deformed babies to die rather than becoming a burden on society is a moral theory called
This code says that the nurse's primary commitment is to the patient, and the nurse promotes, advocates for, and strives to protect the health, safety, and rights of the patient.
ANA Code for Nurses
Which code attempts to "enunciate concepts that would be clear, concise, universal, broad enough to be useful to nurses in many cultures but be able to stand the tests of time and social change"?
ICN Code for Nurses
Acting on behalf of the patient is called
patient or client advocate
The major accrediting organization for nursing educational programs
Open curriculum is
self-paced study.
the ladder approach.
the external degree program.
This program is usually a 12- to 18-month course in which participants must then pass state boards.
Practical nurse certification
This program consists of course work and supervised clinical practice and is usually taught by a hospital.
Diploma program
This program consists of general education courses for half of the program and nursing courses for the other half and is available at a junior or community college taking approximately two years to complete.
Associate degree
This program consists of liberal arts, science, and nursing making an individual eligible for public or community health nursing.
Bachelor's degree in nursing
Educational preparation for licensure as an RN takes place in which programs?
Baccalaureate program
Associate program
Diploma program
This person must be an expert practitioner within a specialized field and should have a master's degree in that field
Clinical nurse specialist
considered a first-line manager in charge of a clinical nursing unit?
Head nurse
additional knowledge and skills in a broad range of interventions in what is considered to be an exclusive domain of medicine?
Nurse practitioner
This position is considered part of middle management and is responsible for several clinical units.
Which position is the highest in the nursing service hierarchy
Chief nurse executive
In this leadership theory, the leader structures work for subordinates and removes obstacles to their success.
Path-goal theory
In which theory is the ability to lead dependent upon the emotional commitment from followers
Charismatic theory
This leadership style is based on the maturity of the followers.
Life cycle theory
In this style, it is deemed that some are born to lead.
Great man theory
This theory believes there are certain traits associated with successful executives, such as the ability to see novel solutions for problems.
Trait theory
In Lewin's theory of change, "unfreezing" is
when motivation to create change occurs
Negligence is a
civil law violation
It has been ruled that sexual harassment is a violation of
the Civil Rights Act
Sexual harassment applies to
When preparing a bill for Congress, most of the preparatory work is done by
committee staffs
One of the largest contributors of campaign money in congressional races i
the AMA
Which is the correct sequence in the process of a bill becoming a law?
1. Committee hearings, mark-up, and committee report written
2. Second reading and debate
3. Bill introduced and referred to a committee
4. Bill goes to a conference committee
5. Third reading
6. Compromised version back to both houses for approval
3, 1, 2, 5, 4, 6
A recommended way of reaching your legislator is to
arrange a personal appointment.
make a phone call.
write a letter.
This established payment system is based on 467 DRGs.
This legislation included major revisions in reimbursement for physician services under Medicare Part B and replaced it with a Medicare fee schedule.
Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1989
In this decision, the Supreme Court signaled its willingness to reverse its previous decisions on abortion.
Webster v. Reproductive Health Services
Which of the following is the federal agency specifically charged with overall responsibility for the promotion and protection of the nation's health?
The National Institute of Nursing Research was lead by
nurse scientist, Ada Sue Hinshaw
The law that eliminates unreasonable discrimination on the basis of age is the
Age in Employment Discrimination Act Amendments of 1975