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Providing care at home without transport to a hospital is an example of the extended scope of?
Primary care
Proper behavior between health care professionals is largely a matter of?
Because the emergency scene is ever-changing, the paramedic must be?
The highest level of prehospital care provider is?
Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome has an incubation period of?
Several months or years
HIV/ AIDS, hepatitis B, & tuberculosis are diseases of great concern because they are?
The goal of an effective EMS dispatching system is to have the first responding units on the site in?
4 minutes
When you are in a stressful situation and find yourself thinking "I cant do this," one effective strategy is?
When coping mechanisms can no longer buffer stressors o the job, the result is likely to be?
An emotional warning sign of excessive stress is?
To minimize the stress of shift work, on days off a worker should stick to sleeping at his/her?
Anchor time
What are the three phrases of stress response?
Alarm, resistance, & exhaustion
The physiological phenomena or biological cycles that occurs over intervals of approximately 24 hours are?
Circadian rhythms
Signs of Fight or Flight response?
Heart rate increases, digestion slows, & blood pressure increases
An active exercise performed against stable resistance, where muscles are exercised in a motionless manner is called?
When developing muscular strength, you may use the form of exercise in which muscles are worked through their full range, or?
Isotonic exercise
An occupation in which the practitioners have a competence in specialized body of knowledge or skills that has been recognized by some organization or agency is a?
EMS systems can improve the quality of thei service and paramedics can improve their knowledge and skills through the evaluation of the quatlity of performance conducted by others of equal rank and skills that is known as?
Peer review
Program designed to refine and improve an EMS system with a special emphasis on customer satisfaction is?