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gui zhi tang
gui zhi, shao yao, sheng jiang, gan cao, da zao
acrid and warm herbs
induce sweating, expel EPF from muscles and skin
exterior deficiency syndrome caused by wind and cold
ma huang tang
ma huang, gui zhi, xing ren, gan cao
warm and acrid herbs
relieve exterior excess syndrome
induce sweating and release inhibited lung qi to relieve asthma
xiao qing long tang
warm and acrid herbs
expel pathogen from exterior
relieve phlegm and dyspnea
phlegm fluid retention in lung, no sweating
sang ju yin
acrid and cold herbs
mild case of external heat syndrome
descends lung qi and stops cough
expel wind heat
yin qiao san
acrid and cool herbs
expel external wind heat syndrome
clearing heat and toxins
(medium strength)
ma huang xing ren gan cao shi gao tang
acrid and cool herbs
release stagnant lung qi, purge lung heat and relieve dyspnea
attack of wind with fever, thirst, cough and dyspnea
bai du san
relieve exterior and tonify
good for babies and weak
exterior syndrome caused by wind cold and dampness
tonify qi
ma huang fu zi xi xin tang
relieve exterior and tonify
exterior syndrome caused by EPF with yang deficiency
tonify yang
jia jian wei rui tang
releive exterior and tonify
nourish yin
relieve exterior syndrome caused by wind heat