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Indications: Yang-Ming organ-stage disorder

Symptoms: Severe constipation & flatulence, focal distention & abdominal fullness.very watery diarrhea (solids are clumping inside), dry, yellow or black tongue coating with prickles, & a submerged, rapid, excessive pulse, Severe pain around naval. In severe cases: tidal fever, profuse sweating from palms & soles.

Actions: Vigorously purges heat accumulations

Da Huang (C): purges the excess & cools the heat

Mang Xiao (D): softens stool

Zhi Shi (A): dissipates clumps & reduces focal distention

Hou Po (A): disseminates the qi & relieves the sensation of fullness.

ZS + HP: assist in the expulsion of stool by moving the qi.
Da Cheng Qi Tang
Major Order the Qi Decoction

Very Important Formula
Indications: relatively mild yang-ming organ-stage disorder or early stage li ji

Symptoms: Tidal fever, constipation, focal distention, abdominal fullness. Abdominal pain that does not increase upon pressure, yellow, dirty, & dry tongue coating, slippery, rapid pulse.

Actions: Moderately purges clumped heat.

Da Huang:
Hou Po:
Zhi Shi:

C&C: None

Cook all ingredients together in 4 cups of water until 2 cups remain.
Minor Order the Qi Decoction
Xiao Cheng Qi Tang
Indications: Mild constipation sue to yang-ming organ-stage disorder

Symptoms: Mild constipation with irritability, absence of focal distention & abdominal fullness, slippery, rapid pulse. Also for nosebleed, swollen gums, & sore throat, subcutaneous bleeding.

Actions: Mildly purges clumped heat

Da Huang:
Mang Xiao:
Gan Cao:

C&C: None

Cook DH with GC then dissolve MX in the strained decoction.
Tiao Wei Cheng Qi Tang
Regulate the Stomach &
Order the Qi Decoction
Indications: Constipation from Qi stagnation

Symptoms: Constipation & unremitting pain & fullness in the epigastrium & abdomen

Actions: Drains Qi downwards & unblocks the bowels.

Hou Po:
Shi Shi:
Da Huang:

C&C None

Preparations: Cook HP & ZS with 12 cups water until 5 cups remail, then add DH cook until 3 cups remain.
Hou Po San Wu Tang
Three Substance Decoction with Magnolia
Indications: Yang-Ming organ-stage disorder with Yin xu where there is severe constipation. Also for Constipation due to Yin xu.

Symptoms: Constipation with dry stool that is difficult to expel. Perhaps dry mouth, thirst, scanty TC & thin, rapid pulse.

Actions: Enriches the Yin, generates fluids, drains heat, & unblocks the bowels.

Da Huang:
Mang Xiao:
Xuan Shen:
Mai Men Dong:
Sheng Di Huang:

C&C: None

Cook XS, MMD, & SDH first. Add DH near end then dissolve MX in the strained decoction.
Zeng Ye Cheng Qi Tang
Increase the Fluids & Order the Qi Decoction
Indications: Early stage Intestinal Abscess (chang yong)(appendicitis)

Symptoms: Lower abdominal distention & pain (usually on the right) that increases upon pressure with rebound tenderness, guarding of the abdominal musculature, thin, yellow, & greasy TC & slippery, rapid pulse. Maybe pain in the groin which is relieved by flexing the hip and knee (right) & increased by extending the hip. Maybe mass in lower, right quadrant, irregular, intermittent fever followed by chills & sweating.

Actions: Drains heat, breaks up blood stasis, disperses clumping, & reduces swelling

- Da Huang (C): drain heat & break up blood stasis
- Mang Xiao (D): softens stool, helps drain heat
- Mu Dan Pi(D): Cools blood & eliminates masses from blood stasis
- Tao Ren (A): Breaks up blood stasis & has mild moistening & laxative effect.
- Dong Gua Ren(A): expels pus, eliminates heat, & reduces abcesses, especially in the Intestines

- necrotic appendicitis
- appendicitis with perotinitis
- appendicitis in pregnancy
- appendicitis with parasites
- weak & elderly
Da Huang Mu Dan Tang
Rhubarb & Moutan Decoction
Indications: Fully formed chang yong without fever

Symptoms: **No fever, scaly skin, taut skin around the abdomen, & rapid pulse.

Actions: Eliminates dampness & expels pus, breaks up blood stasis & reduces swelling.

Yi Yi Ren: Expels Damp
Fu Zi: helps dispel damp
Bai Jiang Cao: Breaks up stasis & expels pus

C&C: None
Yi Yi Fu Zi Bai Jiang San
Coicis, Prepared aconite,
& Bai Jiang Cao Powder
Indications: Clumping in the chest (Jie Xiong Zheng)

Symptoms: Fullness & hardness of the epigastrium or of the entire abdomen with (*)severe pain that becomes unbearable upon even the slightest amount of pressure, (*)severe constipation, tidal fever @ dusk, submerged, tight, & forceful pulse. Maybe shortness of breath & irritability.

Actions: Drains heat & drives out water by flushing downwards

Gan Sui (C): drives out accumulation of water & fluids in chest by draining downwards, drains heat, disperses phlegm

Da Huang & Mang Xiao (D): Clean out the intestines, drain and disperse clumps from heat in the trunk, Moisten & soften hard, dry stools, assist Chief to drive out heat & fluids clumped in the chest by way of the stool.

C&C: acute conditions only
- Not for chronic cases
- Pregnancy

- Cook Da Huang
- Dissolve Mang Xiao into decoction
- Take warm with powdered Gan Sui
Da Xian Xiong Tang
Major Sinking Into
the Chest Decoction
Indications: Excess heat in the interior with qi & blood deficiency

Symptoms: watery & foul-smelling diarrhea, abdominal pain that increases upon pressure, thirst, shortness of breath, dry, yellow or black TC, deficient (maybe rapid) pulse. In severe cases: hallucinations, grabbing at the air or impaired consciousness.

Actions: Purges heat from the interior & supports normal qi

- Da Huang & Mang Xiao (C): drain heat & unblock the bowels
- Zhi Shi (D): reduce distention & fullness
- Hou Po (D): disseminates qi
* ZS + HP = aid chiefs in expelling stool & moving qi
- Ren Shen (D): tonifies source qi
- Dang Gui (D): tonifies blood
* RS + DG = protects the normal qi
- Jie Geng (A): unblocks flow of Qi in Lungs & therefore the Large Intestine
- Sheng Jian & Da Zao (A): adjust & regulate the disparate actions of other herbs thus hasten recovery
- Gan Cao (E): assist other herbs to support normal qi & strengthen Spleen & Stomach. Harmonizes actions of other herbs.

Preparation: add JG, DZ, & GC when taking the decoction.
Huang Long Tang
Yellow Dragon Decoction
Indications: Heat induced dryness in the Stomach & Intestines

Symptoms: Constipation with hard stool that is difficult to expel, frequent urination, a dry yellow tongue coating, & a submerged, rapid pulse.

Actions: Moistens the Intestines, drains heat, promotes the movement of qi, & therefore unblocks the bowels.

- Huo Ma Ren (C): moistens Intestines & unblocks the bowels
- Xing Ren (D): directs qi downwards & moistens Intestines
- Shao Yao (Bai Shao)(D): Nourish Yin & harmonize the interior.
- Zhi Shi (A): breaks up accumulations
- Hou Po (A): removes fullness & distention
- Da Huang (A): purgative
- Honey (E): used to form pills, moistens the Intestines

- very weak (must be modified)
- Pregnancy

Preparation: Grind herbs into powder & form pills with honey. Take in 9g doses 1-2 times daily with warm water
Ma Zi Ren Wan
Hemp Seed Pill

Note: Ma Zi Ren is same as
Huo Ma Ren
Indications: Constipation due to Kidney Yang & qi xu

Symptoms: *Constipation (no dry stool), clear & copious urine, lower back pain, & cold sensation in the back.

Actions: Warms Kidney Yang, moistens the Intestines, & unblocks the bowels

-Rou Cong Rong (C): warm & tonify Shen Yang. moistens the Intestines
-Dang Gui (D): nourish & harmonize Xue & moisten Intestines
-Niu Xi (D): strengthen lower back and shen. Its descending nature brings focus to the lower jiao
-Ze Xie (A): drains turbidity from shen due to descending nature. Prevents moistening function of RCR from causing stagnation.
-ZX + NX = facilitates movement and guides other herbs downwards
-Zhi Ke (E): relaxes Intestines & guides downwards
-Sheng Ma (E): raise clear yang to help descend turbid yin
-SM + ZK= help regulate Shen Qi mechanism

- Constipation with Hot & Dry Intestines
Note: without Zhi Ke, this formula is very mild.
Ji Chuan Jian
Benefit the Flow Decoction
Indications: Cold accumulation in the interior

Symptoms: *Constipation, & abdominal pain, hypochondriac pain, chills, low-grade fever, cold hands & feet, white, greasy TC, deep & tight pulse (~wiry)

Actions: Warms the interior, disperses cold, unblocks the bowels, & alleviates pain.

Ba Dou (C): hot, acrid & harsh - disperse accumulations of cold & expel excess

Gan Jiang (D): Assists in dispelling cold & revives pi yang

Da Huang (D): cleanses Wei & Intestines, moderates hot, acrid, toxic properties of Ba Dou

C&C: Ba Dou is toxic - be cautious
- weak or pregnant
- acute abdominal pain from heat or summer-heat
- Cold Only - Never Hot
Da Huang Fu Zi Tang
Prepared Aconite
Indications: Xuan Yin - suspended, congested fluids clogging up the chest & hypochondriac regions

Symptoms: Cough with pain in chest & hypochondrium, hard focal distention in epigastrium, dry heaves, shortness of breath, ~headache, ~chest pain extending to back, TC: white, slippery, Pulse: deep & wiry

Actions: Purges & drives out congested fluids

Gan Sui: expels fluid & dampness from the channels

Da Ji (Jing): drains fluids & dampness from the organs

Yuan Hua: reduces & eliminates congested fluids from the chest & hypochondria

Da Zao: augments qi, protect the Stomach & moderate harshness & toxicity of other ingredients

C&C: Weak or Pregnant
- Severe diarrhea - use cold rice porridge
- Weakness: take in turns with Pi strengthening & Qi augmenting formula

Preparations: grind equal parts of all, take in 0.5 - 1.0g doses early in morning on empty stomach.
Note: 5-6 BM after each does is normal, fewer means take more 1 or 2 days later, have patient eat easily digested foods.
Shi Zao Tang
Ten Jujube Decoction
Indications: Water & Heat accumulation in the interior & obstructing the qi mechanism

Symptoms: Ascites & distention with thirst, labored breathing, hard abdomen, constipation, scanty urine, Pulse: deep, rapid, & forceful

Actions: Promotes the movement of qi & harshly dries out water & heat accumulation

-Gan Sui, Yuan Hua, Da Ji(C): harsh expellants that purge water from the chest & abdomen
-Qian Niu Zi(D): drains water through urine.
-Qing Fen(A): expel water & unblocks bowels
-Da Huang(D): purge heat from Intestines, expel water accumulation, & help chief (with QNZ)
[Move Qi]
-Qinq Pi: Gan Qi & abdomen
-Chen Pi: Fei & Pi Qi
-Bing Lang: direct qi upwards, promote urination
-Mu Xiang: San Jiao Qi

C&C: weak or pregnancy, no long term use
- strengthen Pi & Shen after use to promote full recovery.

Preparation: Grind ingredients, make pills with water. Take on Empty Stomach early in morning
Zhou Che Wan
Vessel & Vehicle Pill