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Indications: Smoldering fire due to constrained heat in the Lungs.

Symptoms: Coughing, wheezing, & fever with skin that feels hot to the touch, all of which worsens in the afternoon. Dry Mouth , little or difficult-to-expectorate sputum, a thin, rapid pulse, & a red tongue with a yellow coat (perhaps no coat)

Actions: Drains heat from the Lungs, calms wheezing & stops coughing.

Sang Bai Pi (C): fry-fried (chao), drains constrained heat from Lungs thus stops coughing & wheezing

Di Gu Pi (D): clears heat from xu, good for smoldering fire.

Zhi Gan Cao & Geng Mi (A&E): Benefit Stomach, harmonize lower jiao, & tonifies Lung Qi.

C&C: coughing & wheezing from wind-cold, wind-heat, or damp-phlegm.

Prep: grind herbs to powder, cook with rice, take before meals.
Xie Bai San
Drain the White Powder
Indications: Congested fluid in Lungs (pleurisy)

Symptoms: coughing, wheezing, and feeling of fullness & distention in chest. Perhaps edema.

Actions: Drain Lung, move fluid, dry phlegm, calm wheezing.

Ting Li Zi: drains lungs, reduce phlegm, calm wheezing, move water & reduce edema.

Da Zao: tonify middle jiao qi & moderate ting li zi action.

C&C: Qi or fluid & Yin Xu.
Ting Li Da Zao Xie Fei Tang
Ting Li Zi & Da Zao Drain Lungs Tang
Indications: Lung Abcess (chang yong) due to heat toxin obstructing the Lungs

Symptoms: Cough with foul-smelling sputum (which may be streaked with blood), slight fever, mild chest pain, dry & scaly skin, red tongue with a greasy yellow coating, & a slippery, rapid pulse.

Actions: Drain heat from the Lungs, transforms phlegm, drives out blood stasis, & discharge pus.

Wei Jing (C): clear heat from Lungs, especially good for chang yong.

Yi Yi Ren (D): clears heat from Lungs, disperses pus from the upper parts of the body, leaches out dampness, benefits LI function to help clear phlegm

Dong Gua Ren (D): clears & transforms phlegm-heat, resolves dampnesss, & eliminates pus

Tao Ren (A): invigorates blood & eliminates blood stasis - thus breaks up abcess.

DGR + TR: laxitive to eliminate phlegm via stool

C&C: pregnancy, wind-(cold, heat, damp), Lung or Kidney Qi Xu
Wei Jing Tang
Reed Decoction
Indications: Smoldering Fire in Spleen

Symptoms: Mouth ulcers, bad breath, thirst, frequent hunger, dry mouth & lips, a red tongue, & rapid pulse. Also for tongue thrusting in children.

Actions: Drains smoldering fire from the Spleen.

Shi Gao (C): drain fire from middle jiao

Zhi Zi (C): drains heat from 3 jiaos via the urine, & enters Heart to relieve irritability.

Fang Feng (D): disperses smoldering Spleen fire ("treat constrained fire by dispersal")

Huo Xiang Ye (A): aromatically revives Spleen thus restoring qi mechanisms of Spleen & Stomach. Assists (FF) to disperse smoldering fire.

Gan Cao (E): harmonize middle jiao, drain fire, harmonize actions of other ingredients.

C&C: Stomach Yin Xu
Xie Huang San
Drain Yellow Powder
Indications: Heat for Fire accumulating in the Stomach

Symptoms: Toothache (especially when pain extends into head), facial swelling, fever, bad breath, a dry mouth, a red tongue with little coating, large & rapid pulse. Also used for bleeding & sores of gums & swollen, painful tongue, lips, or jaw. Likes cold - dislikes heat.

Actions: Drains Stomach fire, cools the blood, & nourishes the Yin

Huang Lian (C): attacks Stomach fire & drains heat accumulation

Sheng Ma (E): raises & disperses the heat & relieves toxicity. Guides to Yang Ming channel

Dan Pi & Sheng Di Huang (D): cool the Blood & nourish the Yin

Dang Gui (A): reduce swelling & alleviate pain by harmonizing the blood

C&C: toothache from wind-cold or tooth & gum problems from Kidney Xu
Qing Wei San
Clear Stomach Powder
Indications: Stomach heat with Yin Xu from vigorous Stomach fire injuring the Kidney Yin

Symptoms: Toothache, loose teeth, bleeding gums, frontal headache, irritability & fever, thirst for cold drinks, dry & red tongue with yellow coating (perhaps none), floating, slippery, deficient & large pulse (thin if Yin xu).

Actions: Drains Heat from the stomach & nourish the Yin.

Shi Gao (C): clear fire from Stomach thus relieving irritability & thirst

Shu Di Huang (C): nourish Kidney water xu thus helps water restrain fire

Zhi Mu (D): help SG clear heat, aldo nourishes Yin.

Mai Men Dong (D): moisten Stomach, generate fluids, alleviate irritability.
Help SDH nourish Kidney Yin

Niu Xi (E): conducts heat downwards, thus stops overflow of blood into the oral cavity

C&C: diarrhea
Yu Nu Jian
Jade Woman Decoction
(Yu Nu - innocent woman?)
Indications: Heat in the Heart & Small Intestine channels

Symptoms: Irritability with a sensation of heat in the chest, thirst for cold drinks, red face, maybe sores around mouth, red tongue & rapid pulse.[Heat Above], Dark, scanty, rough, painful urination or even clearly visible blood in urine [Heat Below].

Actions: Clears the Heart & promotes urination

Sheng Di Huang (C): enters the Heart to cool the Blood. Enters the Kidneys to nourish the Yin & generate fluids (thus controlling fire in the Heart)

Mu Tong(D): clears heat from the Heart channel above & clears heat & promotes urination through the Small Intestine below.

Dan Zhu Ye (A): alleviate irritability by clearing heat from Heart

Gan Cao Shao (E): (shao = tips) serve as envoy by treating li, relieves toxicity & harmonizes actions of other herbs

C&C: Spleen & Stomach Xu
Dou Chi San
Guide Out Red Powder
Indications: Heat shi in the Liver or Gall Bladder channels.

Symptoms: Pain in hypochondria, headache, red & sore eyes, swelling in ears, bitter taste, irritability, wiry, rapid, & forceful pulse, red tongue with yellow, greasy coat. Also li with sensation of heat in the urethra, swollen & pruritic external genitalia or foul-smelling leukorrhea.

Drains Fire excess from Liver & GB and cleares & drains damp-heat from the lower jiao.

long dan _xie gan_ zhi, qin, qian
sheng di, che chian, ze xie _kai_
mu tong, gan cao, dang gui _he_
gan jiang _shi re li neng pai_

C&C: can cause diarrhea, no long term use or large doses. Also Spleen xu or injury to fluids.
Long Dan Xie Gan Tang
Long Dan Cai Drain Liver Tang
Indications: Heat in the Liver channel causing Liver & Stomach disharmony. "Liver Fire attacks the Stomach"

Symptoms: Hypochondrial pain, epigastric focal distention, vomiting, *acid regurgitation, *belching, bitter taste in mouth, red tongue with yellow coat, wiry, rapid pulse

Actions: Clears Liver heat, directs rebellious qi downward, & stops vomiting

Huang Lian (C): drain fire from Liver & clear heat from Stomach

Wu Zhu Yu (D): promotes movement of qi & releases constraint (disperses Liver). Also directs rebellious qi downward. & moderates cold nature of HL.

C&C: Acid regurgitation from deficiency Stomach cold

Preparation: 6 to 1 ratio (HL to WZY)
Zuo Jin Wan
Left Metal Pill
Indications: Stool with mucous & blood.

Symptoms: Red & White Li Ji with focal distention & stifling distention in chest & diaphragm due to damp heat.

Actions: Clears heat, transforms dampness, promotes the movement of qi, & relieves li ji

Huang Lian: clear heat, dry damp

Wu Zhu Yu: reduce HL cold nature

Mu Xiang: move qi & alleviate pain

C&C: none noted

Preparation: fry HL with WZY then discard WZY. Mix HL with MX - make pills.
Xiang Lian Wan
Mu Xiang & Huang Lian Decoction
Indications: Hot Li Ji from heat toxin searing the Stomach & Intestines

Symptoms: Abdominal pain, tenesmus, burning sensation around anus, diarrhea containing more blood than pus, thirst, red TB with yellow coat, rapid pulse (wiry if pain is severe).

Actions: Clears heat, cools the blood, relieves toxicity, & alleviates li ji

Bai Tou Weng (C): clear damp-heat & relieve fire toxin (especially at the blood level)

Huang Lian & Huang Bai (D): assist BTW to clear damp-heat thus alleviating Li Ji

Qin Pi(A): restrain diarrhea & enhance actions of other herbs

C&C: Other types of Li Ji, Spleen Yang Xu, Long term use.
Bai Tou Weng Tang
Bai Tou Weng Decoction
Pulsatilla Decoction
Indications: Summer Heat & Damp

Symptoms: Fever, sweating, thirst, irritability, urinary difficulty, yellow & greasy tongue coating, soggy & rapid pulse. Maybe diarrhea.

Actions: Clears summer heat, resolves dampness,( & augments the qi)

Hua Shi (C): (6 parts) clears summer heat & drains damp-heat through the urine.

Gan Cao (D): harmonize middle. Mildly clear heat & relieve toxicity. If Zhi Gan Cao then augments qi.

HS + GC = promote urination & generate fluids thus - no injury to fluids.

C&C: Weak, elderly patients. Yin Xu.
Cases with copious clear urine or summer heat without dampness.
Liu Yi San
6 to 1 powder
Indications: Summer Heat with Exterior Wind

Symptoms: Aversion to cold & wind, headache with a sensation of distention in the head, & cough.

Actions: Clear Summer Heat & expel wind

Hua Shi (C): clears simmer heat & drains damp-heat through urine.

Gan Cao (D) harmonize middle. Mildly clear heat & relieve toxicity.

HS + GC = promote urination & generate fluids

Bo He: disperses wind-heat, clears head & eye

C&C: Weak, Elderly, Yin Xu, Cases with copious, clear urine
Ji Su San
Peppermint Powder
Indications: Summer heat with constrained heat in the Liver & Gall Bladder channels.

Symptoms: Fever, sweating, thirst, irritability, urinary difficulty, yellow & greasy tongue fur, soggy & rapid pulse. Maybe diarrhea. Red eyes, sore throat or mouth, tongue sores.

Actions: clears heat from liver & gall bladder channels, relieves summer heat.

Hua Shi (C): clears summer heat & drains damp-heat throught the urine.

Gan Cao: Harmonizes middle, mildly clear heat & relieve toxicity.

Qing Da: clear heat, release toxicity.

C&C: weak, elderly, yin xu, copious clear urine.
Bi Yu San
Jasper Powder
Indications: Heat smoldering in the Yin regions of the body

Symptoms: Night fever & morning coolness with absence of sweating as the fever recedes, emaciation with no loss of appetite, red TB, scanty TC, fine, rapid pulse

Actions: Nourishes the Yin & vents heat

Bie Jia (C): nourish Yin & reduce xu fevers.

Qing Hao (C): vents heat

Sheng Di Huang & Zhi Mu (D): assist BJ to nourish Yin & clear xu heat.

Mu Dan Pi (A): drains heat from Yin & assists QH to vent heat

C&C: early stages of warm-febrile diseases. Heat in the Qi Level.
Qing Hao Bie Jia Tang
Qing Hou & Bie Jia Decoction
Indications: Wind Consumption (feng lao) & steaming bone disorder

Symptoms: night sweats, emaciation, red lips & cheeks, afternoon fever, coughing with sticky sputum or blood-laced sputum, 5 palm heat, faint, rapid pulse.
Actions: Nourish Yin, nourish blood, clear heat, & alleviate steaming bone disorder

Chai Hu & Qin Jiao: expel wind

Bei Jia & Zhi Mu: clear heat & nourish Yin

Di Gu Pi & Qin Jiao: clear heat & alleviate steaming bone disorder.

Dang Gui: tonify blood.

Wu Mei: Retain/stabilize Yin

C&C: Damp

Prep: grind ingredients together & take in 15g doses with 5 leaves of qing hao & 1 piece of wu mei.
Qin Jiao Bie Jia San
Qin Jiao & Bei Jia Powder
Indications: Steaming Bone disorder from Lung & Kidney Yin Xu

Symptoms: Afternoon tidal fever or unremitting chronic low-grade fever, sensation of heat in the bones, irritability, insomnia, emaciation, lethargy, red lips, malar flush, red TB, scanty or no TC, thin, rapid pulse.

Actions: Clears heat from deficiency & alleviates steaming bone disorder

Yin Chai Hu (C): reduces heat from deficiency (no harm to Yin)
Zhi Mu (D1): enrich Yin & clear heat from Kidney Xu
Hu Huang Lian (D1): clears heat from blood level
Di Gu Pi (D1): clear lingering heat from Lungs above & xu heat Liver & Ki below

Qing Hao (D2): drain fire (no injury to qi or blood) & conduct bone level heat to the muscles & exterior.
Qin Jiao (D2): clears xu heat especially from Liver & Gall Bladder.
(D2):They vent heat externally - thus do not cause sweating.

Zhi Bie Jia (A): enriches Yin, anchors Yang, conducts other herbs into the Yin (deep) levels of the body.
Gan Cao (E): harmonizes other herbs & protecfts the middle.

C&C: none noted
Qing Gu San
Cool the Bones Powder