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Shi Gao (chief): clear heat & drain fire.

Zhi Mu (deputy): assist chief in clearing heat from Lungs & Stomach to alleviate irritability, moistens dryness, & enriches yin

Zhi Gan Cao (envoy) & Geng Mi (assistant): benefit Stomach & protect the fluids. Prevent the extremely cold properties of the other ingredients from injuring the middle jiao.

Actions: Clear qi-level heat, drain Stomach fire, generate fluids, & alleviate thirst.

Indications: High fever with profuse sweating & aversion to heat, red face, severe thirst & irritability.
May also include headache, toothache, or bleeding of gums & nose.
TC: yellow
P: flooding, forceful or slippery, rapid pulse.

- fever from Spleen & Stomach Xu
Bai Hu Tang
Clear Heat from Qi Level
Xi Jiao (chief): clear Ying heat, clear Heart heat, calm shen
- Substitute shui niu jiao

Xuan Shen (deputy): clear heat, nourish yin

Sheng Di Huang (deputy): cool blood, nourish yin

Mai Men Dong (deputy): nourish yin, generate fluids

XS + SDH + MMD = enhance actions of chief

Jin Yin Hua,
Lian Qiao,
Huang Lian,
Dan Zhu Ye (assistants): clear qi level heat & relieve toxicity.

Dan Shen (assistant): reinforce ingredients that cool blood & prevent blood stasis

- Clear the nutritive level
- relieve fire toxin, drain heat
- nourish yin, invigorate blood

Indications: High fever worse at night, severe irritability & restlessness, maybe thirst, maybe delirium, maybe faint & indistinct erythema & purpura.
TB: scarlet, dry
TC: none
P: thin, rapid

This is Heat entering the Nutritive level

C&C: cases with dampness
Qing Ying Tang
Clear the Nutritive Level Decoction
Clear Heat from Ying level & Cool Blood
Bai Hu Tang
+ren shen benefit qi & generate fluids

Actions: Clear heat, benefit qi, generate fluids

Indications:fever, thirst, profuse sweat, generalized weakness
P: large & forceless.

For Injury to qi and fluids. Also summerheat with qi & fluids both injured.

This is heat in the Qi level with qi & fluids injured.
Bai Hu Jia Ren Shen Tang
Clear Heat from Qi Level
Xi Jiao (chief): clear Heart fire, cool blood, relieve fire toxin
- Substitute shui niu jiao (x3)

Sheng Di Huang (deputy): cool blood, stop bleeding, nourish yin

Chi Shao,
Mu Dan Pi (assistant & envoy): cool blood, drain heat, invigorate blood, disperse blood stasis (from cold ingredients)

- Clear heat, relieve fire toxin
- cool blood, nourish yin
- dispel blood stasis, stop bleeding

Indications: bleeding (nose bleed, bloody vomitus, bloody stool, bloody urine, rashes), black & tarry stools, thirst with inability to swallow, maybe delirium
TB: scarlet with prickles
P: thin, rapid

This is heat entering the xue level causing blood to move recklessly.

C&C: bleeding from yang xu or Spleen & Stomach xu
Xi Jiao Di Huang Tang
Rhinoceros Horn and Rehmannia Decoction
Clear Heat from Ying Level & Cool Blood
Bai Hu Tang
+gui zhi

Action: clear heat, unblock channels, & regulate Ying & Wei qi.

Indications: High fever, sweating, irritability, thirst, pain & swelling of the joints.
TC: yellow
P: wiry, rapid pulse

This is Wind-Damp Heat Bi

Also used for warm malarial disorders with intense internal heat & mild external cold characterized by high fever, mild chills, aching joints, occasional vomiting.
P: wiry, rapid.
Bai Hu Jia Gui Zhi Tang
Clear Heat from Qi Level
Huang Lian (chief): drain fire from Heart thus abate fire in other organs, drain fire from middle jiao.

Huang Qin (deputy): clear heat from upper jiao.

Huang Bai (assistant): clear heat from lower jiao

Zhi Zi(assistant): drain heat from 3 jiaos through the urine. Also relieve irritability.

Actions: Drain fire, relieve toxicity

Indications: high fever, irritability, dry mouth & throat, incoherent speech, insomnia, nosebleed or bloody vomitus, carbuncles, deep-rooted boils, dysenteric disorders or jaundice from damp-heat.

This is severe obstruction of the 3 jiaos by fire toxin.

- excess patterns only
- robust patients only
- no long term use (injures yin)
- heat in nutritive or blood levels
Huang Lian Jie Du Tang
Coptis Decoction to Relieve Toxicity
Clear Heat & Relieve Toxicity
Bai Hu Tang
+cang zhu: raise Spleen qi, expel wind-damp

Actions: clear heat & expel damp

Indications: for damp warm febrile disease or hot bi or damp bi transformed into heat (fever, epigastric distention, profuse sweating, generalized sensation of heaviness, pain in the joints, cold feet, red, greasy tongue - swollen joints & heavy limbs).
Bai Hu Jia Cang Zhu Tang
Clear Heat from Qi Level
Da Huang (chief): drain fire & break up clumping.

Huang Lian,
Huang Qin (deputies): drain heat from upper & middle jiaos.

DH + HL + HQ = drain heat from the 3 jiaos, primarily through the stool

Actions: Drain fire, relieve toxicity, & dry dampness

Jaundice -
- greasy, yellow tongue coating
- epigastric focal distention
- jaundice

Excess Fire Causing Bleeding -
- bloody vomitus
- nosebleed

Accumulation of Heat -
- constipation
- red & swollen eyes & ears
- ulceration of tongue & mouth
- abscesses

This is damp-heat excess with interior clumping

- only for excess heat with constipation
Xie Xin Tang
Drain the Epigastrium Decoction
Clear Heat & Relieve Toxicity
Dan Zhu Ye & Shi Gao (chiefs): clear Yang Ming heat & alleviate irritability

Ren Shen & Mai Men Dong (deputies): tonify qi & generate fluids. Each reinforces the other.

Ban Xia (assistant): directs rebellious qi downward thus stops vomiting.

Zhi Gan Cao & Geng Mi (envoys):
assist ren shen to tonify qi. Also harmonize the middle jiao & nourish Stomach thus protecting Stomach from injury from the shi gao.

Actions: Clears Heat, generates fluids, augments qi, & harmonizes the Stomach

Indications: Lingering fever from febrile disease accompanied by vomiting, irritability & thirst, parched mouth, lips, & throat, a choking cough, stifling sensation in the chest
TB: Red
TC: scanty
P: deficient, rapid

This is qi level heat lingering in the Lungs & Stomach where it injures the qi & fluids.
Zhu Ye Shi Gao Tang
Clear Heat from Qi Level
Huang Qin,
Huang Lian (chiefs): Wine fried to enhance upward movement. Relieve fire toxin

Niu Bang Zi,
Lian Qiao,
Bo He,
Jiang Can (deputies): disperse wind heat

Xuan Shen,
Ma Bo,
Ban Lan Gen,
Jie Geng,
Gan Cao (deputies): clear heat from throat & relieve toxic fire.

Chen Pi (assistant): ensure smooth flow of qi & blood

Chai Hu,
Sheng Ma (envoys): disperse wind-heat * guide other herbs upwards.

Actions: Clear heat, eliminate fire toxin, & disperse wind-heat.

Indications: string fever & chills, redness, swelling, & burning pain of head & face, dysfunction of throat, dryness & thirst
TB: red
TC: powdery white or yellow <---key
P: rapid & forceful

This is acute, massive febrile disorder of the head from seasonal epidemic toxin associated with wind-heat & damp-phlegm
AKA - Da Tou Wen

C&C: yin deficiency
Pu Ji Xiao Du Yin
Universal Benefit Decoction to Eliminate Toxins
Clear Heat & Relieve Toxicity
Jin Yin Hua (chief): clear heat from qi & xue levels, disperse swelling

Pu Gong Ying,
Zi Hua Di Ding,
Ye Ju Hua,
Zi Bei Tian Kui: clear heat, relieve toxicity, & cool blood

Wine invigorates blood which helps reduce this type of swelling.

Actions: clear heat, relieve toxicity, cool blood, & reduce swelling

Indications: boils & carbuncles with localized erythema, swelling, heat, & pain (yang type boils) with fever & chills
TB: red
TC: yellow
P: rapid

This is fire toxin from exterior heat from warm-febrile disease or seasonal pathogenic influence

- yin type boils
- Spleen deficiency
Wu Wei Xiao Du Yin
Five Ingredient Decoction to Eliminate Toxins
Clear Heat & Relieve Toxicity
Jin Yin Hua (chief): clear heat, reduce toxicity, & reduce swelling

Xuan Shen (deputy): drain fire, relieve toxicity, & nourish yin

Dang Gui (assistant): invigorate blood, break up stasis

Gan Cao (envoy): harmonize actions of other herbs & strengthen formula's relieve toxicity action.

Actions: Clear heat, relieve toxicity, invigorates the blood, & alleviates pain

Indications: Ulcerated sores that won't heal on a limb that is dark red, slightly swollen & warm to the touch, & extremely painful. Maybe rotten smell to the lesion with copious discharge

This is a sloughing ulcer (tuo ju) from obstruction by fire toxin leading to stasis of blood in the sinews & blood vessels

C&C: cold, qi xu or blood xu
Si Miao Yong an Tang
Four Valiant Decoction for Well Being
Clear Heat & Relieve Toxicity