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What are the ingredients of Gan Mai Da Zao Tang?
FU XIAO MAI, gan cao, da zao
(crazy lady formula)
Which three herbs make up Sheng Mai San?
REN SHEN, mai men dong, wu wei zi (sofia's cupboard :)
Which formula is made up by HUANG QI, Bai Zhu and Fang Feng?
Yu Ping Feng San
Which three herbs are in Da Cheng Qi Tang in addition to DA HUANG?
Mang xiao, hou po, zhi shi
Which dui yao pair goes to the qi level and which formula is this pair in?
SHI GAO / zhi mu are both in Bai Hu Tang
Which herbs make up Xiao Cheng Qi Tang in addition to DA HUANG?
Hou po, zhi shi
Which herbs make up Bai Hu Tang?
SHI GAO, zhi mu, geng mi, zhi gan cao (the dui yao with the licorice rice soup)
Which formulas has pepper as cheif and what are the other ingredients?
Da Jian Zhong Tang, ingredients are CHUAN JIAO (hua jiao), gan jiang, ren shen, yi tang
(maltose and pepper is that awsome, famous combination)
Which herbs make up Tiao Wei Cheng Qi Tang?
DA HUANG, mang xiao, gan cao
Which dui yao pair makes up most of Si Ni Tang?
Fu Zi and Gan Jiang (plus Zhi Gan Cao)
Which formula has BAN XIA and CHEN PI (Ju hong) as chiefs, and what are the other ingredients?
Er Chen Tang, ingredients are BAN XIA, CHEN PI, fu ling, zhi gan cao plus sheng jiang and wu mei
Which formulas has the three yellows plus zhi zi? Which one is chief?
Huang Lian Jie Du Tang, HUANG LIAN is chief
Ren Shen, Bai Zhu and Zhi Gan Cao make up which formula together with their hot chief?
Li Zhong Wan, ingredients are GAN JIANG, ren shen, bai zhu and zhi gan cao
Ingredients of ma huang tang?
MA HUANG, gui zhi, xing ren, zhi gan cao
Which formula is made up by MA HUANG, SHI GAO, xing ren and zhi gan cao?
Ma Xing Shi Gan tang
What herbs are in Wu Zhu Yu Tang in addition to the chief WU ZHU YU?
WU ZHU YU, sheng jiang, ren shen, da zao
Herbs in si wu tang?
SHU DI HUANG, bai shao, dang gui, chuan xiong
Which 4 herbs are the gentlemen?
Si Jun Zi Tang: REN SHEN, bai zhu, fu ling, zhi gan cao
Which herb harasses Ban Xia and Hou Po both in Ban Xia Hou Po Tang and Su Zi Jiang Qi Tang?
Zi Su Ye
Ban Xia Hou Po Tang has only one chief, which herb is that and what are the other ingredients?
BAN XIA is chief, Hou po, fu ling, sheng jiang, zi su ye
Which formula has zhi mu, chuan xiong, fu ling and gan cao along with its cheif?
Suan Zao Ren Tang: SUAN ZAO REN is chief
Herbs in gui zhi tang?
GUI ZHI, bai shao, sheng jiang, da zao zhi gan cao
Gui Zhi and Fu Ling are the chiefs of which 5 herbs formula? (and which are the other herbs?)
Gui Zhi Fu Ling Wan, GUI ZHI, FU LING, shao yao, mu dan pi, tao ren and possibly feng mi
Which blood invigorator(s) is/are in gui zhi fu ling wan?
Tao ren is the only one from the category, but mu dan pi invigorates blood as a minor action (major is to clear heat from the blood)
Which formula has mu dan pi, and sheng di huang to clear heat in the blood, as well as zhi mu to drain fire?
Qing Hao Bie Jia Tang: QING HAO, BIE JIA, sheng di, zhi mu, mu dan pi
Name the herbs in Yue Ju Wan as well as what they treat (extremely simplified)
XIANG FU (qi), cang zhu (damp), chuan xiong (blood), shan zhi zi (heat), shen qu (food)
What five peels are in Wu Pi San?
Sang bai pi, sheng jiang pi, fu ling pi, chen pi, da fu pi
Which formula is made up of gui zhi, mang xiao and zhi gan cao in addition to its 2 chiefs?
Tao He Cheng Qi Tang; TAO REN, DA HUANG (jiu), gui zhi, mang xiao, zhi gan cao
Which formula is the "bai bai fu fu" one?
Zhen wu tang: FU ZI, bai zhu, fu ling, sheng jiang, bai shao
What is the chief of Wu Ling San and which herbs are included to warm and tonifyu the spleen?
ZE XIE is chief, fu ling, zhi ling and then bai zhu and gui zhi for the spleen
Which herb(s) is/are chief(s) of Zhu Ling Tang?
ZHU LING and FU LING (2 cheifs for the 2 symptoms "water and heat")
Give the ingredients of Zhu Ling Tang
ZHU LING, FU LING, ze xie, hua shi and e jiao