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ma huang tang is for?
wind cold invasion without sweating
ge gan tang is for?
wind cold with body aches
gui zhi tang is for?
mild wind cold with slight sweating
da qing long tang is for?
wind cold with internal heat
xiao qing long tang is for?
congested phlegm fluids
jiu wei qiang huo tang is for?
clears internal heat with body pain
sheng jiang
da zao

do what?
strengthen and tonify the middle jiao
gui zhi

does what?
harmonize the wei and ying levels and promote sweating
bai shao

does what?
tonifies blood
bai zhi
frontal headaches and open nasal passages
ge gen
generates fluid and releases the muscle layer
qiang huo
wind damp, opens channels, promotes sweating
chuan xiang
a vitalize blood herb used for headaches
sang jue yin formula does what
wind heat invasion with red eyes and cough
yin qiao san
wind heat with heat toxins
chai ge jie tang
wind heat with internal heat and muscle aches
sheng ma ge gen tang
release heat from muscle layer with rashes or measles
ju hua
sang ye
do what ?
clear wind heat with red eyes
sheng di huang
clear heat, cool blood, and balance the formula
lu gen
in herbs that clear heat, promote urination, stop irritability, relieve thirst and generate fluid, yellow sputum from lu heat
which four formulas for wind heat invasions
sang ju yin
yin qiao san
chai ge jie tang
sheng ma ge geng tang
which six formulas for wind cold invasions
ma huang tang
gui zhi tang
jie wei qiang huo tang
ge geng tang
da qing long tang
xiao qing long tang
which three formulas for external invasion with deficiency
ma huang xi xin fu zi tang
jie jian wei ru tang
ren shen bai du san
qiang huo is for what and where?
wind cold dampness in the upper body
du huo is for what and where?
wind cold dampness in the lower body
ma huang xi xin fu zi tang is for ?
wind cold invasion with underlying yang deficiency
ren shen bai du san is for ?
wind cold dampness with underlying qi deficiency
jie jian wei ru tang is for ?
wind heat invasion with underlying yin deficiency
fu ling is for
strengthen spleen and dry dampness
da cheng qi tang is for ?
Yang Ming Organ Heat with Constipation or Diarrhea
Xiao Cheng Qi Tang is for
mild heat in the yang ming organ
taio wei cheng qi tang is for?
mild heat in the yang ming organ
which formula is in the moisten the intestines and unblocks the bowel category ?
ma zi ren war
ma zi ren war is for what pattern?
intestinal dryness (deficient body fluids) and heat causing constipation
da huang fu zi tang is for
full cold causing constipation or cold food stagnation
zheng ye cheng qi tang is for
yin deficiency causing constipation
shi zao tan is for ?
expels mucus and is toxic