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Sileris powder that sagely unblocks pinyin
Fang Feng Tong Sheng San
Sileris powder that sagely unblocks herbs
fang feng
ma huang
jiu da huang
mang xiao
jing jie
bo he, zhi zhi, hua shi, shi gao, lian qiao, huang qin, jie geng, chuang xiong, dang gui, bai shao, bai zhu, gan cao, sheng jiang
what is the overall pattern for Fang Feng Tong Sheng San
this is heat excess in both the exterior and interior
is Fang Feng Tong Sheng San designed to
cause sweating
cause purgation
cause emesis
cause diuresis
cause sweating - yes
cause purgation - yes
cause emesis - no
cause diuresis - yes
Fang Feng Tong Sheng San: list one of the chief herbs that clears heat through the stool
jiu da huang or mang xiao
Fang Feng Tong Sheng San: name the deputy mineral ingredient that clears heat or fire from the lungs and stomach
shi gao
Fang Feng Tong Sheng San: list 2 of this formula's popular applications
influenza, food poisioning, obesity, skin sores
Five Accumulation powder pinyin
wu ji san
Five Accumulation (wu ji san) herbs pinyin
ma huang
bai zhi
gan jiang
rou gui
cang zhu
Hou po, Chen Pi, Ban Xia, Fu Ling, Jie Geng, Zhi Ke, Dang Gui, Bai Shao, Chuang Xiong, Zhi Gan Cao
wu ji san: This formula is external wind cold with internal injury involving up to 5 types of accumulation. Identify the 5 accumulations.
cold, damp, qi, xue, phlegm
wu ji san: this formula is used for treating accumulations of ____ in the interior
wu ji san: what well known damp draining herbs is used to transform damp and cold
cang zhu
wu ji san: this formula contains all 5 ingredients of what famous formula
two cured decoction - Er Chen Tang
Some patients with vigorous heat will vomit up heat clearing formulas. What can be used to stop this?
add ginger juice or let the decocotion cool
List 3 symptoms of qi level heat:
High fever, profuse sweating, irritability, thirst, yellow tongue coating, flooding-huge and rapid pulse
White Tiger Decoction pinyin
bai hu tang
White Tiger Decoction (bai hu tang)herbs
Shi Gao
Zhi Mu
Geng Mi
Zhi Gan Cao
bai hu tang: what is the overall pattern
blazing heat in the yangming/brightness stage or qi level
blazing heat is characterized by the 4 greats which are
Big Fever, Big Thirst, Big Sweat, Big Pulse
What Sx arises after the heat forces out the fluids in the form of sweat?
Severe thirst, irritability and a dry mouth and tongue
bai hu tang: The chief herb is extremely cold and can harm the yang qi; identify two possible side effects of overdosing this herb:
(shi gao) Icy cold limbs, Labored and difficult breathing and a rapid pulse
bai hu tang: what is the deputy herb that assists the chief herb in clearing heat, moistening dryness and enriching yin
zhi mu
gardenia and prepared soybean decoction pinyin
zhi zi dou chi tang
gardenia and prepared soybean decoction (zhi zi dou chi tang)herbs
zhi zi
dan dou chi
zhi zi dou chi tang: this is ___ level heat lingering in the superficial aspects of the ___ stage
qi level
yangming brightness
zhi zi dou chi tang: which herb helps stop restlessness and irritability
zhi zi
zhi zi dou chi tang: which of the 2 herbs drains constrained heat in the chest
dan dou chi
because the heat in the chest remains soft an pliable with no lumps this condition is referred to as
formless accumulation
clear the nurtitive level decocotion pinyin
qing yin tang
clear the nurtitive level decocotion (qing ying tang)herbs
xi jiao
xuang shen
sheng di huang
mai men dong
jin yin hua
liang qiao, huang lian, dan zhu ye, dan shen
qing ying tang: this is heat entering the ___ level
nurtitive (ying)
qing ying tang: what causes the irritability, restlessness and delirious speech
heat scorching the heart
When a patient’s normal qi is strong it will take a longer time for the heat to penetrate deeply but once it does it will remain there, what is this type of heat called?
Lingering Pathogenic Factors (Latent Heat)
The faint indistinct rashes indicate the heat is entering what level?
blood level
qing ying tang: Name one of the two herbs from the clear heat form the blood level herbs that also nourish yin?
Xuan Shen or Sheng Di Huang
Toxin is distinguished from heat from by the presence of what key symptom?
Pustular lesions and sores or the general ‘sickness’ of the patient
Coptis Decoction to relieve toxicity pinyin
huang lian jie du tang
Coptis Decoction to relieve toxicity (huang lian jie du tang) herbs
huang lian
huang qin
huang bai
zhi zi
huang lian jie du tang: This is severe obstruction of _____________________ by ____________________.
the 3 burners by fire toxin
huang lian jie du tang: which herb drains heat from all 3 jiaos thru the urine
huang lian
huang lian jie du tang: name 2 biomedical applications
Toxic bacillary dysentery, pneumonia, UTI, encephalitis, Herpes