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Test or evaluation of student
measurement of knowledge
means used in schools to formally measure student performance.
Formal Assessment
Norm or criterion-referenced test. The old standardized tests
informal assessment
interviews, observations, alternative assessments, curriculum based assessment.
refers to truthfulness of the information. Does the test measure what it is supposed to?
dependability of information. A reliable test is one that yields similar results time after time when administered to the same group or level of students under the same conditions
Test bias
fairness of the test.
Summative assessments
intended to test a group of students to se how well they've done one learning goals. After instruction gathering. "In the end how well did you do?"
Norm-Referenced tests
formal assessment using standard scores or percentile ranks. IQ tests for example
Formative data
data sources that formulate or express precisely an evaluation or judgment about the students current skill or knowledge level. Data collected during instruction. Use to plan instructional goals. Strength weakness assessment.
Criterion- referenced tests
standardized measures to provide information about a student's mastery.
Curriculum Based assessment
process that dtermines a students instructional needs