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how to calculate basal area
BA= (3.14 pie) r 2
initial floristics
=species are already established
(weeds, shrubs, trees all present)
how to calculate volume
V= 1/2 X (Ab + Au) X L
divided by 10 000
relay floristics
=distinct different species coming in at a time
(weeds-then shrubs-then trees)
dbh= diameter breast height
Ht= height
DSH= diameter stump height
Ab= basal area at stump
Au= basal area at tree top
V= log volume
aerial photographs
-serve as a basis for making decisions in the forest
-used in forest management
perimeter of a circle
=is less than a square
fixed (area)
-mark out section of a hectare, don't use entire hectare
3 ways to calculate height?
a. clinometer instrument
b. abney instrument
c. builtmoor stick
3 ways to take diameter measurement
a. with calipur
b. diameter tape
c. builtmoor, meter stick
2 ways to calculate volume of wood in an area
1. fixed plot system
2. variable plot system
variable plot method
sum of all "in" trees + 1/2 of borderline trees X BAF = basal area/hectare m2