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site (of site index)
=an area which is considered as to its ecological factors, with references to its capacity to produce forests or other vegetation
prescribed burning
-reduces fuel loads
-ecological substitute for wild fires
limitations of site index
Site index only applies to:
a. pure stands
b. even-aged stands
c. not disturbed
d. not much "in-stand" suppression
why use tree height over reference age?
a. tree density not a factor within medium ranges
b. easily measured
c. it is reproducable
problems with site index:
a. stands must be properly identified
b. accurate measurements needed
c. comparisons may not be fair
d. aspects of value are not considered
e. no consideration of climate change
f. no info. for different species
g. no account for genetic improvements
h. is the curve realistic?
other measurers of site quality
a. tree/understory associations
b. plant species
c. soil characteristics
d. landforms
e. most common plant species
f. rarest plant species
carrying capacity
=measurement of site's ability to carry animals
fire management activities
1. fire prevention
2. fire detection
3. fire suppression
4. prescribed burning
reference ages
=approximate age of trees that are able to be harvested
1st curve
- the middle of the distribution of variance in the growth potential
-is the best site
PSP Permanent Sampling Point
=used to study a specific site over a period of time which tells how tall a tree is and look at numerous trees in the same stand to get an average
what do we need to know for AAC?
-what the total volume is
-how inventory is distributed
what is the combination in a site?
-it is the combination of biotic, climate, physiography, and soil and water conditions of the area
why is site index the most commonly used measure in forestry?