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2 types of timber permits
a. commercial timber permit (CTP)
-2-5 yr renewable permit
-used by small operators
b. local timber permit
"mom and pop" permits
ex. cutting of own xmas tree, landscaping personal property
special use areas
-heritage purposes or scientific studies
ex. burial grounds
-20 yr. renewable term
-agreement between minister and forest company
3 forest policies as it relates to the cutting of trees for use
a. forest management agreement (FMA)
b. sell based on a quota
c. timber permits
minister (FMA)
-can cancel agreement at any time
what is the company responsible for in a FMA?
-inventory, harvesting, buy private wood, pay for own planting, stock, protection charges, and fire mgmt
what is the FMA holder responsible for in an agreement?
-agrees to mill type and construction
-pays deposit, and complies with govt policies
sell it based on a quota
-guarantee a quota of wood
-20 yr. term
-adjusted every year based on market value
-quota has to reforest land
facility areas
-cabins, settlements, beach, visitor areas
multiple use areas
-full range of uses:
hunting, fishing, camping, but not highly developed
=there are policies for each zone for standards
problems with policies
-not everyone agrees with them, therefore majority rules
8 distinct zones from public policy
1-prime protection
2-critical wildlife
3-special use areas
4-general recreation areas
5-multiple use areas
6-agricultural areas
7-industrial areas
8-facility areas
industrial areas
-oil, gas, well sites