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=timing of that water yield over many years, a single year, or for events of shorter durations
water quality
=chemical or biological attributes of water in relation to a particular use or a regulatory standard
diagram of water balance equation

water yield
=the total quantity of water produced over a given period (annual). The total runoff or streamflow from a watershed
how do you manage yield in forests?
-balance harvest against recovery of old disturbances
hydrolic cycle
-precipitation to evaporation
-98% evaps from ocean
-in a forest, no surface runoff, all goes into soil
water balance equation
(arithmetic expression of the hydrolic cycle)
P= S + (T + I + E) + Q
P= precipitation (input)
S= change in storage
Q= runoff or streamflow (loss)
E= evaporation (loss)
T= transpiration (loss)
I= interception (loss)
how to manage H2O
a. water yield
b. water regime
c. water quality
forest and water
-water is the basis for life, has no substitutes, and is finite but recyclable
=water lost through leaf stomata during photosynthesis
what does transpiration depend on?
-how much leaf area in forest
-what tree species are present b/c some use more H2O
what does interception of precipitation depend on
-how much leaf area in forest
-what tree species present
-type and amount of precipitation
interception of precipitation
=capture of precipitation on foliage and subsequent re-evaporation back to the atmosphere
how does one store water
use of dams
water regime
=the distribution of yield over time. The pattern of annual flow or flow resulting from an individual stormq
where does water flow
88% north
12% east
how long do increases in yield last?
-a function of how fast vegetation grows back.
recovery is fast/slow when tree growth is fast/slow