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How would you code a call if you get a message from the operator stating that the prospect's number has been changed?
Wrong number (Prospecting)
List 4 examples of a No
2 adamant No's
Deceased on residential
Minor on residential
Hang up after 1st paragraph
All requests used
Requests to be removed from phone list
List 4 examples of a special out
Deceased on business
Minor on on business
Vacation 4 weeks or more
Away at school
Duplicate call the same day
In hospital
Terminally ill
Can't speak English
In institution
List four examples of a wrong number
Any operator recording
Cell phone
No longer lives there
You're trying to reach Betty Smith. Her husband tells you that she passed away last month. How do you code the call?
DS and No (Because it's residential)
After hearing the tape, halfway through the first request, the donor hangs up on you. How do you code the call?
No (All back-ends have to be a complete)
Define Response Rate:
Percentage of completed calls that generate a pledge
Define Talk Time:
From Hi to Bye
Define Type Time:
Time from when donor hangs up until you code the call.
Define Performance:
Dollars per completed call ($/CC)
Define Productivity:
Completed calls per hour (CC/HR)
Define QSA:
Quality Skills Assessment=45 minute evaluation of your skills
Two reasons to follow script:
1. Approved by Client
2. Proven effective
Benefits of getting credit card gifts:
You: Get double credit
Client: Gets instant fulfillment
What does the Verifications department do?
Calls back donors to make sure all information covered and gift is solid.