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application of science to those criminal/civicl laws that are enforced by police agencies in a criminal justice system
forensic science
father of forensic toxicology
mathieu orfila
developed anthropometry-system of personal identification
alphonse bertillon
developed 1st finger print identification
francis galton
discovered that blood type could be used
leone lattes
way to compare bullets
calvin goddard
document examination
albert osborn
use of science to solve crime
hans gross
11st crime laboratory, father of criminalistics
edmond locard
1st FBI director
j edgar hoover
exchange of materials between two objects occurs when objects come in contact
locard exchange principle
largest crime lad-a federal agency
analizes drugs seized-a federal agency
federal agency that can get involved if alcohol,tobacco firearms are involved
bureau of alcohol, tobacco and firearms
money, revenge, sex, emotions
reasons for crimes
deals with drugs and poisons
lie detector tst
fingerprint expert
voice to digital picture
voiceprint analysis
fingerprints that are left behind
latent fingerprint