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In the modified Henry Fingerprint system, an ulnar loop on the right middle finger gets assigned a value of
The secretions of __________ glands can be detected by the ninhydrin reagant
At a crime scene an example of a visible print might be
print found in blood
A secretor is an individual who
release blood typing antigens in their body fluids
The National DNA Database contains_________from_________________.
DNA, convicted criminals
Forensic investigators would search for a cold hit match when__________________
they have DNA evidence from a crime scene
For positive identification,_________ fingerprint points must match out of a total of ______
8-16, 150
To develop prints on a mirror surface, one should use________
gray powder
Two methods for developing prints on absorbent surfaces are________ and _____________.
Ninhydrin, Iodine Fuming
Two methods for developing prints on non-absorbent surfaces are________and_________.
powders, cyanoacrylate
_______glands are associated with hair follicles.
The most definitive way to demonstrate that a sexual assualt has taken place is to identify the presence of ________
What are the four components of seminal fluid?
citric acid, fructose, acid phosphatase, choline
A colormetric test for the enzyme_______ produced by the ________ can be used as a presumptive test for seminal fluid.
acid phosphatase, prostate gland
The Florence Test is a microcrystalline test for___, which provides presumptive evidence of seminal fluid.
In addition to blood, two body fluids that can be used for blood typing are _______ and ______.
seminal stains, saliva
A fingerprint left in a pool of fresh blood would be known as a ______ print.
The distinguishing characteristics of a central pocket loop
2 deltas
360 degree cirlce
The most common fingerprint patterns are of the _____ type.
The fingerprint pattern known as _____ do not have deltas.
The 4 building blocks of DNA are
adenylic acid
Guanylic acid
Thynylic acid
Cytonylic acid
Define Base Pair
bonding of the bases
Humans have __ pairs of chromosomes, which together contain __ (# of building blocks)
23, 4
Define gene
base sequence that codes for protein
Define allele
alternate form of a gene
In a gel electrophoretogram of DNA heterozygosity at a forensic locus is indicated by ________.
2 peaks
The amount of DNA needed for an STR analysis is _______.
Define PCR Primer
20-30 bases long, pick out specific sequence.
What happens in PCR cycle?
94 C strand seperation-breaks hydrogen bonds
60 C cooling of primers
72 C extension of primers
A plain whorl is characterized by
a line being drawn between the 2 deltas that touch the 360 circle
The secretions of ____ glands can be detected by the ninhydrin reagant because ninhydrin reacts with _____.
sweat, amino acids
Define Ulnar Loop
Radial Loop
Ulnar-loop opens toward little finger
Radial loop opens toward thumb
The human genome contains approx. ______ coding genes. The % of the human genome that does not code is ________.
30,000, 98.5
Secretors___________. They make up _____ % of the population.
release blood typing antigens in their body fluids, 85
Define CODIS
Combined DNA Index System
Define STR Multiplexing
allows several STR loci to be amplified in the same tube
Define allelic ladder
contains every known allele for each forensic locus