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"front part of the arm" part of the arm from teh wrist to the elbow

A weightlifter has well-developed forearms.
"one who has been or existed before" ancestor; forefather

Do you know from whom you are descended? Who were your forebears?
Foreboding (n.)
feeling beforehand of coming trouble; misgiving; presentiment; omen

The day before the accident, I had a foreboding that something would go wrong.
forecast (n.)
estimate beforehand of a future happening; prediction; prophecy

Have you listened to the weather forecast for the weekend?
Forefront (n.)
"front part of the front" foremost place or part; vanguard

The Mayor is at the forefront of the drive to attract new industry to the city.
foregoing (adj.)
going before; preceding; previous

Carefully review the foregoing chapter before reading any further.
foremost (adj.)
standing at the front; first; most advanced; leading; principal; chief

Marie Curie was one of the foremost scientists of the twentieth century.
foreshadow (v.)
indicate beforehand; augur; portend

Our defeat in the championship game was foreshadowed by injuries to two of our start players in a previous game.
foresight (n.)
act of looking forward; prudence; power of seeing beforehand what is likely to happen

Foresight is better than hindsight.
foreword (n.)
front matter preceding the text of a book; preface; introduction; prologue

Before Chapter 1, there is a brief foreword in which the author explains the aims of the book.