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What is the equation for calculating accleration?
Final Speed - Initial Speed
What does the Law of Conservation of Momentum state?
When two objects collide, the total momentum before the collision is the same as the total momentum after the collision
Momentum depends on what two things?
Mass and Velocity
Five km west is an example of?
When looking at a speed-time (velocity/acceleration) graph, how do you know if the time intervals are positively accelerating, negatively accelerating, or showing zero acceleration?
Positive-line slopes upward, the steeper the line the faster the acceleration. Negative-line slopes downward. Horizontal line equals zero acceleration
Any object traveling in a circle is said to be ______
What unit is used to describe mass?
What is the equation for calculating momentum?
mass x velocity
What unit is used to measure net force?
If the forces acting on an object are balanced the net force is?
What are balanced forces?
Forces that cancel each other out and not cause a change in an object's position (motion)
If net force acts on an angle to the direction an object is moving, the object will follow a(n) _______ path?
The gravitational force of any object near Earth's surface is measured at what acceleration?
9.8 m/s2
What force exists between any two objects with mass? This also keeps up from floating away into space
Friction brings almost all moving objects to a _____?