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How fast an object is moving
The line of path along with which something travels, lies, or points
A measure of the duration of an event
Rate of change of an object's velocity
The speed and direction of a moving object is its...
What is the equation for calculating speed?
Speed = Distance
Name three kinds of acceleration and describe them
Positive-speeding up, negative-slowing down, and constant-where acceleration is zero
What is inertia
Inertia is how much an object resists a change in its motion
What is displacement?
How far (distance) and what direction an object travels from its starting point.
What is the unit for work
Joule or J
What is the unit for power
Watt or W
What unit is used to describe acceleration?
m/s2 (meters per second squared)
What unit is used to describe speed?
m/s (meters per second)
What unit is used to describe momentum
kg x m/s (kilograms times meters per second
What unit is used to describe distance?
m (meters)