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Javon Walker
WR for Packers
Eric Moulds
WR for Bills
Marv Levy
GM of Bills
Doug Flutie
QB, played for Bills, Chargers, and Patriots. Did drop kick, and had the most famous Hail Mary pass for BC.
Koren Robinson
WR for the Vikings, arrested for drunk driving
Cris Carter
WR for Vikings, had drug problems but recovered
Jim McMahon
Former Bears QB
Pete Rozelle
Former NFL commissioner (1960-1989)
Mike Ditka
Chicago Bears tight end and later head coach, won superbowls as both
Mike Singletary
Former Bears LB
William Perry
Former Bears DT, nicknamed the Fridge
Richard Dent
Former Bears DE, MVP of Superbowl XX
Troy Aikman
QB for the Cowboys during the 90s.
Roger Stuabach
QB for the Cowboys during the 70s, won 2 superbowls, coined the term hail mary
Marcus Allen
RB for LA Raiders and Chiefs 82-97