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tinnel's sign over what nerve will check for tarsal tunnel?
what is the thompson test and what does it test for?
squeeze the calcaneal tendon proximal to injury and it should cause plantarflexion. If there is no plantarflexion, then the tendon is ruptured
what is a "high ankle sprain?"
sprain of anterior tibiofibular lig AKA the syndesmosis
what tests can you do to check for ankle sprain?
anterior drawer test
what is another term for the diabetic foot?
carcot arthropathy
what is primary pathology in charcot arthropathy?
diabetics lose blood flow to foot, thus bone loses calcium and everything gets messed up
hallux valgus is common in what population and can cause what?
high heel wearers, can cause hammer toes and big bunions
what is a mallet toe and how can it be fixed?
permanent flexion of DIP and it needs surgery
what is hammer toe and how can it be fixed?
permanent flexion of PIP and it needs surgery