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I had to light something ... I couldn't find my candle
Papa, what's gong on?
Did we wake you darling?
No, I was reading by the light of the drapes.
Oh, my God. This is so romantic. I just wish my feet weren't bleeding.
I'm sorry, Count Yousekevitch, but marriage is a very big step to take and I don't wish to make it while I do not have the intelligence to know what I am stepping into.
But is it true? If I cannot teach Sophia to think in twenty-four hours, she will never be able to love me?
Sophia! Are you all right?
I must talk to you. Someplace where we'll not be seen.
Wherever you say.
Can you meet me here?
Yes. When?
Now? Yes. Of course. That's where I am.
Come up here. Hurry, Leon, hurry. It's of the utmost importance. I overheard your conversation with the Count. Leon, I cannot be taught. You must leave Kulyenchikov at once.
Never without you.
Then take me with you. Tonight.
But the curse -
It cannot be boken. But we can live in the swamp and eat brown roots and I will bcome old and ugly and more stupid and more ignorant and never love you but at least we'll be together.
Well, that wasn't exactly what I had in mind.
Then we are lost.
No, no, Sophia. I will teach you. I will break this curse. Tomorrow, I promise you.
Oh, Leon, I wish I could love you.
You will, Sophia. Tomorrow, I promise you.
Until tomorrow ................ Leon! Come back! Hurry, hurry.
What is it?
I couldn't sleep. I'm so frightened.
Don't be frightened, Sophia.
If I could know the feeling of loving you for just one day, I would endure a hundred thousand years of curses.
She asks not to be loved, but to know what it means to give her love to another. ........... There fore, I wish us both the best of luck.
Leon! I forgot to tell you something!
Listen! I hear footsteps coming down the stairs.
Good morning, Mama. Good morning, Papa. Good morning, schoolmaster.
Only a miracle can save us, Sophia,but witha majestic, supreme effort, we must try to make this miracle happen.
What is a miracle?
A miracle is a wish that God makes. You are a miracle, Sophia.
You mean God wished for me.
In one of his most sublime moments . . . We must hurry, Sophia. This is a primary book of mathematics. It's used to teach very small children very simple problems in arithmetic.
Do you think it's too advanced for me?