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Six Different methods of dry cooking?
Roast/Sautee/Broil/Pan Fry/Deep Fry/Microwave
Describe the roast process
Always at a low temperature for MEATS
cooked in a shallow pan
fat side up: if there is not enough fat, use larding/barding
use seasoning for SALT fat only
Define larding
inserting fat inside the meat with a needle
Define barding
covering the outside of a meal with fat
What is mirepoix used for?
a juice towards the end (au jus)
Define deglaze
to swirl a liquid in a saute/other pan to dissolve cooked particles or food remaining on the bottom
Methods of Doneness
Fork Method/Pressure Method
Internal temperatures of: Rare/Medium/Well Done
Rare: 130
Medium: 140
Well Done: 160
Time/Weight/Temperature Method?
X pounds at Y temperature for Z Hours
How do you Saute
in a saute pan
fry lightly and quickly in a small amount of FAT
thin cuts only!
deglaze with WINE and SAUCE
How do you Broil
in intense heat ranging from 1200-1500f
-broiling pan
-use tender cuts only
-test using hand pressure method