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what is a metric system?
a metric system is a common launguage used all around the world.
meters (m)
grams (g)
liter (l)
what is a decimal system?
in which numbers are expressed in units of ten
what does a deciliter equal to?
10 liters
why is it important to add the zero to the end of your readings?
to make your reading accurate
what is important is dress atire?
hair tied back no baggy sleves no open toed shoes.
how is a way to make a safe work enviorment?
no clutter and good communication between lad patners
name 3 things to do before going into the kitchens
1) Check for understanding.
2) ease of competion
3) keep safty in mind.
what is the definition of accuracy?
how close single mesurments come to actual value
what is the definition of percision?
how close several mesurments comes to actual value.