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Camp was originally a ____ fetus
true or false camp is not the leading cause of enteric illness in the US
false, it is
What are the major foodborne vehicles of camp
raw milk and poultry.
over ___ % of chicken carcasses have camp
why did camp recieve minimal attention?
it's unusual growth characteristics and it's mircoaerobic incubation. It is very difficult to grown in the lab and it dcoesn't tolerate freezing for very long
Describe the shape of camp
slender, curved, S-shaped or spiral rods
is camp gram - or +
camp has a single polar flagellum at one or both ends and has darting corkscrew like motility
If a person has camp , they will likely shed low numbers of campu in their diarrhea
false, they will shed high numbers
ASK Ryser abou the enrichment process
do we have to know it?
growth range of camp is ______
30-45 degrees.
optimal growth range is
42-43. it is unlikely to grow in stored foods
camp will inactivate at ____ temperature afters a few day
survives 2-4 weeks under what conditions?
moist, reduced oxygen contiditions
survives 2-4 months under what conditions
-20 degrees celcius