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Who was L. M. named after
Lord Lister
what are some of the reasons for the emergence of Listeria monocyogenes? (6)
improved medical diagnostics

improved isolation and detection strategies

increased number of immunocompromised and the elderly

Food production changes -cold storage and extend shelf lives

Popularity of cooked and ready to eat foods

serious manifestation of illness
Where and what was the first major outbreak of lm
a california outbreak from mexican style cheese --- raw milk in it
What is the fatality rate of lm
T of F. lm has an ubiquitous nature ie it can be found anywhere
Is lm psychrotrophic
yes, it will grow in a fridge
at what acid level can lm survive
lm has been found in up to ___% brine solutions
The united states has a ____ tolerance level for lm
how many species of lm are there currently
the ____ strain in the only public health concern
listeria monocytogenese
Cold enrichment isolation can take ____ to _____
What are the three steps to USDA lm isolation?
primary enrichment

secondary enrichment

plate: modified oxford agar
Is lm gram + or gram -
gram +
Does it have a long or short rod
does it come in singles or pairs
is it a spore or non spore former
non spore former
What does peritrichous flagella mean
it means an lm cell has flagella all around it
at what degree temperature does lm have tumbling motility
20-25 degrees, not at 37
what is the growth range of temperature, pH and salt for lm
0-45 degree c, 4.4-9.6 and <10% salt
At what temperature and for how long does milk need to be heated for to kill lm
161 for 15 seconds
what temp must meat be cooked to to kill lm
T or F there is an increased thermal tolerancer following heat shock and stress adaptation
Does lm survive freezing or not
does lm grow at pH < 4.3
Low or high storage temperatures favor survival
can lm adapt to acid
what is the cut off point for Aw where lm can no longer grow
Product preservation can occur with things like sodium diacetate, propionic acid, sorbic acid, benzoic acid, sodium nitrite, liquid smoke, spices etc
What are the the major antibiotic-like proteins that can be added to products to preserve them
NISIN and pediocin
combined treatments create the ____ concept
UV irradiation if only good for ____
surface cleaning
High ______ pressure is another way of ridding LM
t or f. lm is not found in soil, rivers, and silage
false. it is also found in lakes, sewage, pasture grass
lm can enter a food processing plant on soil of shoes, clothing, raw product and human carriers
Can lm gather in floor drains, condensation, coolers, aerosols and equipment residue
uh duh, yeah
Up to ___% of carcasses in slaughterhouses are infected
t or f 23% of refrigerator foods from listeriosis victims are positive
false, it's 11%
___ to ___ % of raw milk has lm
t or f. cheese is a great source of lm
TRUE, like brie and caminbare
__ to ___% is found in cheese
___ to ____% found in ice cream
how frequent is lm in yogurt and butter
not frequently at all
a major source of lm is ____, with a growth of 10^6 CFU/g
___ to _____ % of lm found in poultry
__ to ___ % lm found in liquid egg
is lm found in low or high numbers in things like fresh veggies, tomatoes and carrot
problem products in the fish and seafood area are ___ ____ and ____
smoked fish, cooked crab and smoked mussells
2-10% of humans are asymptomatic fecal shedders
listeriosis patiencts frequently excrete how much Lm
> 10^4 CFU/g
an outbreak can occur if there is > ___ CFU/g
one of the main problems of lm is the long incubation time, which is _______
3-70 days
What are the susceptible populations
neonates, elderly, pregnant women, immunocompromised, those with chronic diseases, but is CAN affect normal, health people as well
what is the incidence of lm
2-7 cases/1million people
how many cases of lm are there in the united states each year
most cases are sporadic or nosocomial, which means what
infections that are acquired in the hospital
if pregnant women come down with lm the fetus can spontaneously ____
Mexican style cheese in Los Angelos county put LM _____
on the map