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Most foodbourne illnesses are caused by________, or substances that may be harmful that have accidently gotten into food
Most foodbourne illnesses are caused by single celled or non cellular microorganisma called______
Boutulism affects the ________ system
What 4 things transmitted into foods cause illness?
1. bacteria
2. parasites
3. protozoa
4. viruses
Mushrooms and the rhubarb plant have ________
natural poisons
when harmful bacteria from one food is transfeered to another food it is called __________
cross contamination
keep cold foods below ____
40 degrees F
keep hot foods above ____
140 degrees F
Putting foods in small shallow containers make it easier to _____ and _____
heat and cool
4 common kitched accidents
chemical poisoning, cuts, burns and fire, fall
what causes electrical shock
faulty wiring and overloaded electrical outlets
a procedure often used to save choking victims is ________
abdominal thrust