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what kind of Organism is C.botulinum?
Gram (+ve)
spore forming rod
4 clinical forms:
adult infectious botulinum
what is foodborne botulinum caused by?
The ingestion of a preformed
toxic neurotoxin grown by the organism in food.

illness is thus considered a food intoxication as opposed to an infection
C.botulinum E is carried by which animal?
Sea mammals
Which types are most common & of most concern to us?
Type A - western USA(meats & vegetables)

Type B - Europe (also found in eastern US)

Type E - Japan, Canada, US(associated with fish products)
what are the class of symptoms of C.botulinum?
1) GI symptoms

2) Neurological Symptoms
what are the GI symptoms?
The neurological symptoms?
genreal muscle weakness
respiratory paralysis
facial weakness
pharyngolaryngeal paralysis
what is the Incubation period of Clostridium botulinum?
2 hours to 14 days
usually 12 - 36 hours.
NB. IP for Tpye E is shorter, the earlier the symptoms appear the more serious
what is the mode of action of the neurotoxin?
inhibition of ACH release
from motor neurons in muscles
secretory glands( salivary, sweat, tear)
what factors are most often contributing tooutbreaks of botulinum?
1)inadequate time / temperature during cooking

2)Inadequately processed foods
outbreaks of botulism in Canada & Japan are usually type E. Why?
usually associated with seafood
what 2 two test are often used in the lab as diagnosis for botulism?
1)mouse lethality

2)mouse neutralization
what is the Mouse lethality test?
determines whether or not we're dealing with botulism or something thats not botulisms. trying to determine whether or not the neurotoxin present is botulism
what is mouse neutralization test?
tells you which specific type of botulism occurs in meds. A,B,C