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Does Salmonella grow well at 5 degrees C? Explain.
No very slow growth
Optimum growth temp. 35-37 C
what is the #1 food handling mistake contributing to outbreaks of Salmonellosis?
Improper Heating
What are the Factors influencing salmonella infection?
1)Viability of serotype/strain
and virulence
2)# of cells ingested
3)Host resistance factors
what are some examples of host resistance factors?
underlying causes (illness)
Underlying nutrition
Salmonella has two infectious modes, what are they?
1) Non-invasive
2) Invasive
what is the mode of action of Non-invasive Salmonella in the human Body?
1)doesn't go beyond the intestinal tract
2)cells reach lumen & multiple
3)gets into the lamina propria and stays there
4)seldom reaches the blood stream
what is the name of the most common non-invasive salmonella pathogen?
S. typhimurium
what is the incubation period of non-invasive salmonella? (S.typhimurium)
6 - 72 hours
usually 24 - 36 hours
what is the primary condition of non-invasive salmonella ?
causes gastroenteritis
What are the symptoms of Gastroenteritis? (typical food-borne illness symptoms)
abdominal cramps
mild fever
what are the most common forms of Invasive Salmonella?
Salmonella typhi

Salmonella paratyphi(s)
- A = schottmuelleri
- B hirschfeldii
what condition results from invasive Salmonella?
causes typhoidal syndrome
S.typhi gets into the blood stream
what is the mode of action for Invasive salmonella?
1)penetrate the epithelials cells of small intestine
2)pass into lymphatic system
3)phagocytosed by, multiply within, then spill out of macrophages into bld
what is the incubation period on Invasive salmonellosis?
3 - 28 days
usually 14 days
what is the mortality associated with S.typhi and how is it diagnosed?
diagnosed by way of blood sample
what are the symptoms of Typhoidal Syndrome?
fever rise to 39 - 40.5 C
nose bleed
rose spots
diarrhea or constipation
what might further complicate typhoidal syndrome?
localized infections
Examples of localized infections include.
list the 3 strains of Salmonella.
Man Adapted
hosts adapted
unadapted - (2500 serotypes)
what are examples of serotypes that are adapted to man?
typhi group
paratypi group
examples of host adapted serotypes.
pullorum - chicken
gallinarum - chicken
dublin - cattle, milk
abortus-equis - horse meat
cholerasuis - pigs
salmonella puna - turtle
name the top two Salmonella isolates of the top 10 in Ontario.
Typhimurium - 2434 - 18.6%

Enteritidis - 2392 - 18.3%
what is the #1 food associated with salmonella?
what are the 2 species of salmonella that Agriculture Canada monitors for?

what is the ideal pH range for Salmonella growth?
4 - 9
At what temperature are most salmonella destroyed?
1-15 mins at 60 C
at what water activity does salmonella grow well?
0.945 - 0.999
what is the Eh growth condition?
aerobic or anaerobic
Is salmonella a good competitor?
no not a good competitor,ie dies off during fermentation of salami
cannot tolerate high salt conc.
what are the 4 main factors contributing to outbreaks of salmonellosis?
Improper heating(cooking) 55.3%
Inadequate storage 34.4%
Cross contamination 34.0%
Raw ingredient 33.7%
what does DT104 mean?
what serotype is this?
Antibiotic resistant
Salmonella Typhimurium
Is DT104 treatable?
No, once it becomes systemic infection is untreatable
what are some of the integrated controls used on farms and Food processing plants?
1)ntrol Salmonella in Breeders(parents) of Broilers

2)all sorts of initial test in farms

3)Labelling (salmonella free)
how can Salmonella be transmitted from Breeder to Broiler?
Vertical Transmission
what does transovarian mean?
already in the yolk
what is another mode of transmission of salmonella on the farm?
contamination of drinking water through faeces.
why do salmonella not grow well on raw meat?
its not a good competitor
raw meat has lots of bacteria and other pathogens
what tpye of bacteria is Salmonella?
Gram (-ve) negative
what kinds of food products can Salmonella Typhimurium be found in?
raw unpasteurized milk
other diary products
what is the most common food product source for Salmonella enteritidis?
raw shell eggs