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list a critical factor studied that is used in controlling pathogens in food.
Temperature control
Why use a food Thermometer?
Only reliable way to ensure safety & determine
"doneness" of meat, poultry, and egg products.
Is color a reliable Indicator that food is cooked?
No clor and texture are unreliable indicators.
which thermometer gives the Fastest readings? and at what speed?

2-5 seconds
list the thermometers that have models that can be calibrated.
Oven-safe Bimetal
Instant-read Bimetal
which thermometers are designed to stay in food whilst cooking?
Oven Cord thermometer
Oven safe bimetal
(glass or metal stem)
list the digital food thermometers.
oven cord thermometers
thermometer fork combination
name at least 3 styles of food thermometers
Digital food thermometers
Appliance thermometers
Dial food thermometers
Single use temperature indicators
what are some examples of Dial food thermometers?
Bimetallic coil
Oven-safe bimetallic coil
Instant read bimetallic coil
At what temperature range are most pathogens destroyed?
140 - 160 degrees Fahrenheit
what are the two methods to check the accuracy of a food thermometer?
1) use ice water

2) use boiling water