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foreign substance that causes antibodies to be formed
subset of antigen, when antibodies produced are allergenic
Allergy symptons result from what?
What is food allergy?
Immune system dependent, caused by food, you have immediate hypersensitivity reaction
Exposure to food is critical for what?
Disease development (sensitization), disease expression and maintenance
Differences between food allergy and food intoleranc?
Food allergy is dependent on immune system…Food intolerance is not. Food allergy activates immune sytem and food intolerance is a precise metabolic defect (inability to digest food components)…Food allergy can be lethal and Food intolerance is not.
What foods cause allergic reactions?
90% caused by egg, milk, soy, wheat, peanuts, tree-nuts, fish, and shell-fish
What are antibodies?
protein molecules produced in response to antigens that help to deactivate the antigens.
What is histamine?
Causes inflammation, is produced by mast and basophil cells in response to an antigen
What is anaphylactic shock?
life threating whole body reaction
Food allergy is blamed for what in children?
physical and behavioral abnormalities
What % of children are diagnosed with true food allergies? Adults?
children 6% ….adults 3.7%
When does a food allergy occur?
When an allergic food protein or large molecule enters body tissue
What happens to most large proteins? How are some absorbed?
Most are digested, some enter bloodstream before digestion
What happens once this protein is in the body of an allergic person?
it triggers reaction from the immune system
In response to the prescense of an allergen what does the immune system release?
histamine and other defense agents
What substances are most likely to cause deadly anaphylactic shock?
peanuts, milk, egg, wheat, soybeans, fish
What are allergen caused deaths associated with?
food specific IgE antibody production
What is the sequence of events when an IgE antibody causes a food allergy?
First time exposure causes production of IgE ab ….it is then loaded on to mast cells….Second exposure causes cross linking of IgE ab on the mast cells…this causes the mast cells to release mediators like histamine.
What are the major causes of food allergy deaths?
peanut tree nuts and sesames
How man deaths a year are caused by food allergy and what has happened to the amount of food allergy in the past 2 decades?
150-200 deaths, and it has doubled
How does a caretaker prevent nutritional deficiences in children with food allergies?
by providing nutritious alternatives.
What are some of the symptoms a child learns to watch for to recognise impending anaphylactic shock?
tingling of tongue, throat and skin, difficulty breathing
What does epinephrine do?
it prevents anaphylaxis…a hormone from the adrenal gland counteracts shock by opening airways and maintaining blood pressure
Food labels must do what concerning allergic foods?
announce common allergens in plain language using 8 common names…and they must identify foods likely to be cross contaminated
In detection of food allergies, what two components are present?
antibodies are involved, symptoms are SOMEtimes involved
Common practice in detecting food allergies involves what?
taking foods away and bringing them back one by one…
What medical test would confirm a food allergy?
blood test that confirms presence of antibodies
What if food intolerance?
adverse reaction to food not involving immune system
What is food aversion?
intense dislike of a food…biological or physcial that results from illness or a bad experience
What are the symptoms of Food intolerance characterized by?
unpleasent and reliably right after consumption of certain foods
When a parent sees a food aversion in a child what should they do?
take them seriosuly, it could be an allergy