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What did the land decrees of July 1, 1885 show about the level of European understanding of African cultures?
they didn't understand that they needed a lot of land to lie fallow
How did the existence of the Swahili slave trade work to the advantage of King Leopold?

He killed off the Swahili slave traders, and that gave him the excuse to wipe out one of his main rivals, the Tippu Tip.

he finished it off by machine guns. He completely destroyed any competition.
Leopold's soldiers used the repeating rifle and machine gun to stop the slave traders. They also used this situation to wipe out "one of its key trading rivals: The East African empire of Tippu Tip that was exporting not only slaves, but also valuable ivory, the key export of the Free State in its early years." (13).
How might an African opponent of the 'rubber tax' argue against each of the rationales for the tax provided by Leopold's agents?
Leopold's rationale for the tax: he spent money on suppressing the slave trade, constructing a railroad around the rapids from Leopoldville to theh coast, and bringing modern medicine to the tropics.
he brought modern medicine

"I was doing just fine without it"
what good is medicine if people are dying because of the rubber tax, from executions, deaths in battles of resistance, exhaustion from overwork, and famine because no one has time to farm?
he constructed a railroad from leopoldville to the coast

"We don't need a railroad"
what good is the railroad if people are fleeing out of the Congo to get away from the rubber tax?
he spent money suppressing the slave trade

"so? You destroyed my country in the process."
the rubber tax-- forcing people of the Congo to do work harvesting rubber-- is a new form of slavery
Of the passages from the letters of George Washington Williams, which one would King Leopold likely find to be the most dangerous and threatening to his continued power?
either the one on trade or the one on slavery
What are three ways King Leopold was really good at manipulating people to get what he wanted?
attacking Williams' personal life;
calling a conference on slavery where he passed laws restricting trade;
saying that missionaries were making up stories against him becausse he was Catholic
Why did E.D. Morel, instead of anyone else, become King Leopold's biggest opponent?
he had organizational skills
How would you expect George Washington Williams and E.D. Morel to react to the resolution passed by the British Parliament in 1903?
it wasn't enough