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What do the idea of "saving Africa from itself" and "the Three C's" have in common?
both are obnoxious
What do "saving Africa from itself" and the 'three C's" reveal about European attitudes about themselves and Africans?
they think that Africans have nothing and that they have to help Africa and bring trade to Africa when they actually already have their own trade, civilization, and religion
Find the four provisions of the Berlin Act of 1885 that are listed in the reading, and rank them in order from the one you think is most important to one that's least important
The Berlin Act of 1885!
Most important provision of the Berlin Act of 1885 1. raising their standard of living
why: it's not good to live like dirt
second most important provision of the Berlin Act of 1885:
2. preserving native tribes
why: in order to raise standards of living, the tribes have to be strong
third most important provision of the Berlin Act of 1885:
3. suppressing slavery
why: if they don't have slavery, they can live better lives
fourth most important provision of the Berlin Act of 1885:
4. freedom of religion
why: it's not that important
What might an African have said if given the chance to speak at the Berlin Conference?
answer one: give us freedom
answer two: stop killing us
answer three: let us live peacefully