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How much weight does the average school ager gain per year?
2-3 kg (4 1/2-6 1/2 lbs.)
How many inches does the average school ager gain per year?
2 inces (5cm) per year
What happens to the posture of the school ager?
Posture improves over that of a pre-schooler period to facilitate locomotion and efficiency in using the arms and trunk.
What happens to the strength of the school ager?
Boys and girls double their strength and physical capabilities.
What happens with the heart rate, respiratory rate and blood pressure of the school ager?
Heart rate and respiratory rates steadily decrease and blood pressure increases during ages 6 to 12.
What happens to the teeth of school agers?
Primary (decidious) teeth are lost during this age span. The early years of middle childhood, when the new secondary (perm) teeth come in and appear larger than the face.
What is the developmental task according to Erikson?
A sense of industry or a stage of acomplishment is achieved somewhere between 6 and adolescents. School age children are eager to develop skills and participate in meaningful and socially useful work.
How may the parents and the nurse help a school ager develop a sense of industry?
Children need and want real achievement. When they have access to tasks that need to be done, that they are able to do well despite individual differences in there innate capacaties and emotional development, and for which they are suitable rewarded, children achieve a sense of industry.
Describe the socialization of the school ager?
Play involves increased physical skill, intellectual ability, and fantasy. Children form groups and cliques and develop a sense of belonging. Conformity and ritual permeate their play; and are also evident in their behavior and language.
What does the term concrete operation mean?
When children are able to use thought process to experience events and actions. The rigid, egocentric view of the preschool years is replaced by mental processes that allow children to see things from another's point of view.
What is conservation?
At about age 5 to 7 children grasp the concept of reversabilty of numbers as a basis for simple mathmatics problems. They learn that simply altering their arrangement in space does not change certain properties of the environment.
What happens with their classifications skills?
They can group and sort objects according to the attributes that they share, place things in a sensible and logical order, and hold a concept in mind while making decisions based on that concept.