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Determinate - Он сейчас идёт в магазин
(1) Action in progress in one direct (He is going to the store now)
Determinate - Каждое утро она выходит и идёт на остановку
(2) Repeated action, but describing only one leg of the trip (Every morning she leaves the house and goes to the bus stop)
Indeterminate - Он сейчас бродит по пляжу
(3) Action in progress in more than one direction (He is strolling around the beach now)
Indeterminate - Она весь день ездит по городу
(4) Repeated action in more than one direction (She drives around town all day)
Indeterminate - Саша хорошо плавает
(5) Ability to perform an action in any direction (Sasha swims well.)
Indeterminate present allowed - Завтра я иду к врачу
(6) Intentions in the near future (I'm going to the doctor tomorrow)
Determinate future - В перерыве, я пойду в буфет
(7) Intentions/actions in the near future (I'll go to the snackbar during the break)
Perfective past - Он запаковал свои чемоданы и поехал на вокзал
(8) Past actions with focus on beginning of motion (He packed his bags and left for the station)
Indeterminate - Был дома. Никуда не ходил.
(9) Negated verb, focus on failure to perform action (I was home. I didn't go anywhere)
Determinate - Не поехали из-за дождя.
(10) Negated verb, focus on failure to achieve intentions (We ended up not going because of the rain)
Indeterminate + с - Я сходил в магазин за продуктами и начал готовить обед
(11) Round trip, where focus in on the result (I went to the store for groceries and started fixing dinner)
Prefixed indeterminate - В прошлдое воскресенье ко мне приходили гости
(12) Prefixed, focus on the action itself (I had company on Sunday)
Prefixed determinate - Я принёс вам лекарства, вот они
(13) Prefixed, focus on the result of the action (I brought you your medecine, here it is)
при - Принеси мне чистую ложку
(14) To bring, motion towards speaker - Bring me a clean spoon, please
у (no destination or delivering) - Унеси кота отсюда
(15) To take, motion away from speaker - Take the cat out of here
от (delivering to destination) - Хозайн отвёз гостей домой
(16) To take, motion away from speaker and complete absence - The host took the guests home
у (no destination) - Где Алекс, он ушёл
(17) To leave, complete absence - Where's Alex - He's gone
по (destination) - Где Алекс, он пошёл к другу
(18) To leave, requires destination - Where's Alex - He's gone to his friend's
вы - Следователь вышёл на несколько минут
(19) To leave, for short time - The inspector has stepped out for a few minutes
вы - Мы выехали из города и поехали по шоссе
(20) To leave, focusing on departure rather than absence - We left the city and set off down the highway