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Differences in human sexuality between the USA and Canada
1) Canada has a lower birth rate
2) Americans have a higher church attendance
3) Canada is more liberal
What was the first ever taboo?
Examples of Phallic Symbols
axe, plough, sword
What caused the appearance of Phallic symbols?
Movement into agragrian society, people learned about the male role in reproduction
What was the core sexual view of the ancient Hebrews?
be fruitful and multiply
what were the ancient hebrew's goal for sex?
pleasure and procreation
Three core aspects of Greek sexuality
1) male-male sex
2) pederasty
3) prostitution
What is the difference between greek women and woman women?
roman women shared husbands social lives (but they were still secondary citizens)
What were ideals of early Christians?
sex was for marriage only, virgin brides, no non-procreative activity
What were the ideals of early islam?
sexual fulfillment in marriage, no premarital sex, men were allowed multiple wives,
What were the ideals of Taoist China?
that sex was a sacred duty
What were the taoists in ancient china against?
spilling seed
What is the Kama Sutra?
Hindu sex manual
What were the concepts of women in the Middle ages?
Eve the temptress and Mary the pure
What were the sexual views during the protestant reformation?
sexual expression in marriage was good
What were the sexual views during the Victorian era?
time of sexual repression
What is the biological perspective of sexuality?
focus on the roles of genes, hormones, the nervous system and other biological factors that affect human sexuality
what is the evolutionary perspective of sexuality?
natural selection ensures the traits favourable to survival survive, which affects sexuality
What is erotic plasticity?
how much sexual behaviour varies
What is psychoanalytic theory?
the theory of personality originated by Sigmund Freud, which proposes that human behaviour represents the outcome of clashing inner forces
what is psychosexual development?
in psychoanalytic theory, the process by which sexual feelings shift from one erogenous zone to the other
what is fixation?
in psychoanalytic theory, arrested development, which includes attachment to traits and sexual preferences that are characteristic of an earlier stage of psychosocial development
what is socio-cognitive theory?
a cognitively oriented learning theory in which observational learning, values, and expectations play key roles in determining behaviour