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The Marine Corp was created on 10Nov1775 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania at Tun Tavern by a resolution of Continental Congress which "raised two battalions of Marines." Captain Samuel Nicholas became the commander of these battalions and is traditionally considered the first Commandant of the Marine Corp. In 1834, the Marines came under the Department of the NAVY. The National Security of Act of 1947, amended in 1952, states the present structure.
In ______, the Marine Corp came under the Department of the NAVY. The National Security Act of ____, amended in ____, states the present structure
-The first Marine landing took place during the Revolutionary War.
-Marine invaded New Providence Island in the Bahamas and seized guns and supplies.
-The uniform of the day had a stiff leather stock that was worn around the neck, thus the nickname "Leathernecks"
-Marines stormed the Barbary pirates' stronghold at Burma on the SHORES OF TRIPOLI
-Marines raised the STARS AND STRIPES for the first time in the Eastern Hemisphere.
Brevet Brigadier General Archibald Henderson became Commandant of the Marine Corps.
The Marine Corps came under the department of the Navy
-Mexican War, Marines occupied the HALLS OF MONTEZUMA during the BATTLE OF CHAPULTEPEC in Mexico City.
-The Royal Palace fell to invading Marines, who were among the first United States troops to enter the capital.
-Marines also helped take California.
-Brigadier General Archiblad Henderson's death and end of his command after 39 years
-Under the command Coloniel Robert E. Lee US Army, Marines put down an attempted slave revolt at the arsenal at Harpers Ferry led by abolitionist John Brown
-Under the command of COLONIEL ROBERT E. LEE, U.S. Army
-Marines stormed the United States arsenal at HARPER'S FERRY and put down an attempted slave revolt led by abolitionist JPHN BROWN.
-Archibald Henderson died after 39 years of commadant duties
-Eagle, globe, and anchor.
-Brigadier General Jacob Zeilin, 7th Commandant, modified the British (Royal) Marine emblem to depict the Marines as both American and maritime.
-The globe and anchor signifies both worldwide service and sea tradition. The spread eagle is a symbol of the nation itself.
-"Semper Fidelis" (Latin for Always faithful) was adopted. OR Semper Fi."
Primary mission of the Marine Corps became adding strength and defense of advance bases. John Quick performance and Cuzco Well, Guantanamo Bay demonstrated first usefulness of Marines as assault troops
-In support of foreign policy, Marines from ships on the ASIATIC STATION defended the American Legation in PEKING CHINA during the BOXER REBELLION.
-Marines were part of a multi national defense force that protected the Legation Quarter against attack. This small defense force held out against the Boxers until a relief force was able to reach Peking and end the rebellion
-Marine Corps Aviation unit was established.
-Marine Major ALFRED A CUNNINGHAM was the first pilot.
-Marines landed in France.
-Marines participated in EIGHT DISTINCT OPERATIONS, distinguishing themselves, and were awarded number of decorations, among them the FRENCH FOURRAGERE still worn by members of the 5TH AND 6TH MARINES.
Opha Mae Johnson became the first enlisted Marine Corp woman.
Loius B "Chesty" Puller became known as "The Tiger of the Mountains"
-FLEET MARINE FORCE, formally establishing the "COMMAND AND ADMINISTRATIVE RELATIONS" between the Fleet and Marine Corp.
-Equipment board was established at Quantico, VA, and Marines began to devote long hours to testing and developing materials for LANDING OPERATIONS AND EXPEDITIONARY SERVICE.
1st Marine Division landed on the beaches of Guadalcanal in the Solomon Islands and launched the 1st land offensive of WWII.
June and July of 1943
During the Battle of Marianas Islands, Lieutenant General Holland M. Smith led a combined invasion force of Marines and soldiers that totalled over 136,000. The greates number of troops at that time under Marine command.
Marines landed and secured the Gilbert Island during the Battle of Tarawa within 76 hours.
Marines landed on Iwo Jima in what was the largest Marine battle in history
John H. Bradley was one of six men who took part in the raising of the flag at Mt. Suribachi
Japanese stronghold was taken at Iwo Jima; raising of flag at Mount Suribachi, where Corpral Ira Hayes was immortalized
Robert E. Bush fought against enemy forces of Okinawa
Gregory R "Pappy" Boyington was recognized as the Marine Corps top flying ace with 28 victories
The National Security Act declared the Marine Corp was under the Department of the NAVY
November 1950
The Battle of Chosin Reservoir, in North Korea, Marines were cut off after Chinese Communist forces entered the war. Marines smashed 7 enemy divisions in their march from the Chosin Reservoir.
The National Security Act was ammended stating the Marine Corps was under the Department of the NAVY
-SOUTH VIETNAM, conducting numerous large scale offensive operations and participated in the pacification program designed the win the support of the local populace. --Also, in response to an attempted coup of the local government, Marines landed in the DOMINICAN REPUBLIC to evacuate and protect U.S. Citizens.
-The Marines formed the core of a multi national force that quickly restored peace.
Robert R. Ingram fought during the Vietnam war.
January 1968
The Battle of Hue City. During the Vietnamese Holiday of Tet, Communist forces launched a surprise offensive by infiltrating large number of troops into the major population centers of Hue City, South Vietnam.
Hue City was secured.
Coloniel Margaret A. Brewer served as Director of Women Marines (WM)
Margaret A. Brewer became the Marine Corps first General Officer
-LEBANON as part of a multi national peace keeping force in an effort to restore peace and order in this war torn country. -The action further displayed the Marines concept of a FORCE IN READINESS.
-On OCT231983, a suicide bomber attacked the headquaters building, KILLING 240 AMERICANS AND WOUNDING 70 OTHERS.
-The last Marine unit withdrew in JULY OF 1984
Suicide truck bomb attack on the headquarters building in Lebanon killed 241 Americans and wounded 70 others.
Last Marine unit withdrew from Lebanon
-OPERATION DESERT STORM was launched after the Iraqi goverment refused to comply with United Nations resolutions. -Marine aviation was heavily used when the air phase commensed in JAN OF 1991.
-When massive bombing failed to dislodge Iraqi forces, Marine ground forces swept into Kuwait and liberated the country, causing severe damage to the Iraqi military capability.
Operation Desert Storm Air Phase Commenced
-OPERATION ENDURING FREEDOM (OEF), On SEP 11 2001, a series of terrorist attacks took place in the United States of America. The attacks targeted the twin towers of the World Trade Center in New York City and the Pentagon in Washington D.C.
-On OCT 7TH, U.S. and British forces began AIR STRIKES in Afganistan after the Taliban refused to hand over OSAMA BIN LADEN, leader of the Al-Qiada terrorist organization.
Twin Towers, Pentagon attacks; (OEF)
US and British Forces began air strikes in Afganistan after Taliban refused to hand over Osama Bin Laden (OEF) leader of Al-Qaida.
-United States and Coalition forces invaded Iraq after dictator SADDAM HUSSEIM and his sons UDAY and QUSAY refused to surrender or exile Iraq.
-20MAR2003, Marines from 1MEF crossed the Kuwait border into Southern Iraq in the first push to Bagdad.
-05Apr2003, Marines entered BAGDAD to secure major roads leading to the capital
Marines entered Bagdad to secure major roads leading to the capital (OIF)
Marines from IMEF crossed Kuwait border into Iraq (OIF)
2004 (A)
-Killing of 4 Blackwater guards in the city of FALLUJAH
-1 MEF were ordered to conduct offensive operations against insurgents located in Fallujah.
-APR42004; US forced launched a major assault in an attempt to "re-establish" security in Fallujah.
-BRIGADIER GENERAL MARK KIMMIT, deputy director of operations for the US military in Iraq promised an overwhelming response to Blackwater deaths promising WE WILL PACIFY THAT CITY
2004 (B)
-OPERATION AL FAJIR and PHANTOM FURY (with the goal of retaking Fallujah)
Marines from 1 MEF cordoned the city and moved into position where there was believed to be a stronghold of 4000-5000 INSURGENTS.
-7NOV2004, operations began, by 13NOV2004, US and Coalition forces controlled most of the city.
-During the next several days, US forces moved from house to house eliminating insurgent resistance.
-16NOV2004, US officials announced that the city had been cleared.
-Insurgent losses; 1200-1350.
-This was the largest military operation since the opening days of Operation Iraqi Freedom.
US forced launched major assault in an attempt to "re establish" security in Fallujah. (First Battle of Fallujah)
Operations began; (Second Battle of Fallujah) to cordon the city.
US and Coalition forces controlled most of the (Second Battle of Fallujah)
US officials announced the city of Fallujah secure (Second Battle of Fallujah)