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What id ORM?
A decision making tool used by people at all levels to increase operational effectiveness by anticipating hazzards and reducing potential for loss.
What are the 3 concepts of ORM?
-Decision making tool used by people at all levels
-Increase ability to make informed decisions
-Minimizes risks to acceptable levels
What is a hazard?
A condition with the potential to cause personal injury or death, property damage or missio degradation
What is a risk?
Possible loss in terms of severity and probability
What is a risk assessment?
Process of detecting hazzards and assessing associated risks
What is the five step process of ORM?
-identify hazards
-assess hazards
-make risk decisions
-implement controls
What are the 4 principles of ORM?
-accept risks when benefits outweigh the costs
-Accept no unnecessary risk
-Anticipate adn manage risk by planning
-Make risk decisions at the right level
What are some examples of PPE?
-head protection
-hearing protection
-foot protection
-eye protection
What are the levels that hearing protection is required?
all personnel in a work area of 84 dBa, 140 dB peak sound preassure
What is hazardous material?
may pose a substaintial hazard to human health or the enviornment
What is hazardous waste?
A discarded material, designated hazardous waste by the EPA or state authority
What is the purpose of the MSDS?
technical bulletins containing information about materials.
What is containted on the MSDS?
-chemical and physical characteristices
-health and safety hazzards
-precautions for safe handling and use