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Describe the MEF Command Element (CE)...
Command Element (CE)-

CE is the MAGTF headquarters; task organized to provide command & control capabilities (incl intelligence & communications) necessary for effective planning, direction, and execution of all operations.
The MEF CE consists of...
- Command Section
- G-1 Division (personnel and administration)
- G-2 Division (intelligence and counterintelligence)
- G-3 Division (operations and training)
- G-4 Division (logistics)
- G-5 Division (plans)
- G-6 Division (communications & information systems)
- Comptroller Division
- Communication Security Management Office
- Special Operations Training Group
- Staff Judge Advocate Branch
- Public Affairs Office Branch
The MEF CE mission is...
To provide command and control of the Marine Expeditionary Force (MEF).

The MEF Command Element (CE) is responsible for the command, control, direction, planning and coordination of corps-level air, ground, and logistical operations of assigned forces, normally consisting of one or more Marine divisions, Marine aircraft wings, and force service support groups, and other separate units.
Describe the Marine Air Wing, Air Combat Element (ACE)...
The ACE is task-organized to support the MAGTF mission by performing some or all of the six functions of Marine aviation. The ACE can operate effectively from ships, expeditionary airfields, or austere forward operating sites & can readily & routinely transition between sea bases & expeditionary airfields without loss of capability. The ACE can vary in size & composition from an aviation detachment with specific capabilities to one or more MAWs.
The ACE consists of...
The ACE is normally built around an aviation organization that is augmented with appropriate air command & control, combat, combat support, & CSS units.
Describe the Marine Division, Ground Combat Element (GCE)...
Marine Division, Ground Combat Element (GCE)
The GCE is task organized to conduct ground operations in support of the MAGTF mission.
The GCE consists of...
It is normally formed around an infantry organization reinforced with requisite artillery, reconnaissance, armor, and engineer forces and can vary in size and composition from a rifle platoon to one or more Marine divisions
Describe the Force Service Support Group (FSSG), Combat Service Support Group (CSSE)...
The CSSE is task organized to provide the full range of CSS functions and capabilities needed to support the continued readiness and sustainability of the MAGTF as a whole.
The CSSE consists of...
It is formed around a CSS headquarters and may vary in size and composition from a support detachment to one or more Marine FSSG.