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If you are neither in formation nor in a vehicle...
Then render the prescribed salute and hold the salute until the last note of music is sounded.
If no flag is near...
Then face the music and salute.
If you are in formation...
Then salute only on the command, “present arms".
If you are outdoors and uncovered...
Then stand at attention face the direction of the flag or music.
If you are indoors...
Then stand at attention face the music and/or flag.
If you are in a vehicle...
Then driver halts vehicle, passengers and driver remain seated at attention and do not salute.
If you are passing or being passed by an uncased color which is being paraded, presented, or is on formal display...
Then salute at six paces distance and hold the salute for six paces beyond or until it has passed your position by six paces.
If you are uncovered...
Then stand or march at attention when passing or being passed by an uncased color.
When the flag is raised at morning colors or is lowered at evening colors...
Stand at attention at the first note of the National Anthem or “To the Colors” (standard), and render the prescribed salute. If you are engaged in some duty, which would become a safety hazard or risk to property, do not salute. Usually face the flag while saluting, but if your duty requires it, face in another direction. When the music sounds “Carry On,” resume regular duties.
Render honors while boarding/departing ships:

Boarding a naval ship 0800 to sunset.
Face aft upon reaching the top of the gangway (brow).
Salute the National Ensign.
Salute the officer of the deck (OD), who will be standing on the quarterdeck at the head of the gangway.
Request “Permission to come aboard.”
Render honors while boarding and departing ships:

Departing a naval ship between 0800 and sunset.
Salute the OD and request “Permission to go ashore.”
Go to the brow, turn aft, and salute the National Ensign.
Render honors while boarding and departing ships:

Board and depart a naval ship between sunset and 0800.
Follow the above procedures but do not turn aft and do not salute the National Ensign.
How is a small boat or ship Boarded?
Inverse order of rank; the junior goes first, and the others follow according to rank.