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What is a composite grouping of functional components that provides CSS above the organic capability?
What is the most significant attribute of the FSSG?
It is a permanently organized command charged with the responsibility of providing all major CSS functions for the MEF
What is the mission of the CE of the FSSG?
Provide general and direct support, sustained CSS above the organic capabilities of supported elements of the MAGTFs
What are the six tasks of the CE of the FSSG?
-Provide centralized ground supply support
-Provide authorized overflow organizational (2d echelon) and intermediate (3/4th echelon) maintenance support
-Coordinate transportation
-Provide general engineering
-Provide health service
-Coordinate service support
A mission requiring a force to support another specific force and authorizing it to answer directly the supported force's request for assistance is called?
Direct support
The support which is given to the supported force as a whole and not to any particular subdivision thereof is called?
General support
An organization which assigns to responsible commanders the means with which to accomplish their assigned tasks in any planned action is called?
Task organization
What is G1 section responsible for?
What is G2 section responsible for?
What is G3 section responsible for?
What is G4 section responsible for?
What is G5 section responsible for?
Civil Affairs
What is G6 section responsible for?
What units fall under CLR 27?
CLB 22, CLB 24, CLB 26, CLC 21, CLC 23
What are the 5 units that fall directly under the 2MLG?
CLR 27, CLR 2, CLR 25, 8th ESB, 2D Dental BN
What units fall directly under CLR 2?
CLB 2, CLB 6, CLB 8
What units fall directly under CLR 25?
Maint BN, Supply BN, Med BN, MP BN
What does CLR mean?
Combat Logistics Regiment
What does CLB mean?
Combat Logistics Battalion
What does CLC mean?
Combat Logistics Company
How many battalions are there in the 1st/2nd FSSG Organization?
8 battalions
The only bridge company in the active forces of FSSG is found in what unit?
2nd FSSG
Support BN Organization is unique to what FSSG?
3rd FSSG
How many FSSG's are there in the Marine Corps?
4- 1st/2nd/3rd (active) and 4th (reserve)