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What are the 5 purposes of close order drill?
-Move unit from place to place
-Provide simple formations
-Teach discipline
-Increase the confidence of his junior officers/NCO's
-Give Marines an opportunity to handle individual weapons
What is an individual, squad, section, platoon, company or other unit which is part of a larger unit?
What is an arrangement of elements on line, in column, or in any other prescribed manner?
What is a formation in which the elements are abreast?
What is a line of Marines or vehicles placed side by side?
What is a formation in which elements are placed one behind the other?
What is a single column of Marines or vehicles one behind the other?
What is the lateral space between elements on the same line and interval is measured between individuals from shoulder to shoulder?
What is an interval between individuals in one arm's length?
Normal length
This interval is the horizontal distance between shoulder and elbow when the left hand is placed on the left hip.
Close interval
The lenght of a full step at quick time, which is 30 in. and is measured from the back of one heel to the back of the other heel is called?
What is the distance of the half step and back step?
15 inches
What is the distance of the quick step?
30 inches
What is the distance of the double time?
36 inches
What are the four characteristics of command voice?
-Voice Control
What is distinctness?
When all commands can be pronounced correctly without loss of effect
What is the rise and fall in pitch and tone in the voice?
What is a uniform and rhythmic flow in words?
What is a command which indicates the movement to be executed?
Prepatory command
What is a command which indicates when a movement is to be executed?
Command of execution
What is a party thrown by a newly promoted Staff NCO or officer to celebrate his new rank?
Wet down
What is normally the amount of money spent by a recently promoted Marine for his/her wetdown?
One month's pay raise
Prior to what date did the Marine Corps have weaknesses in its hierarchy and did not recognize some enlisted ranks?
Spring of 1923, first group of Staff Sergeants received their warrants
In what order do Marines form up for awards, medals, certificate of comm, meritorious mast, letter of appreciation, etc...?
Personal awards first
Promotions second
Re-enlistments third
The CO may desire to conduct a formal dinner in honor of recognizing a new member to the unit or saying farewell to a departing, this is referred to as?
Dining In
When a dining in is conducted, spouses, boyfriends/girlfriends and other non-military guests may not attend.

They can attend
During a mess night, non-military guests are invited.

They are not unless they are being recognized at the dinner
The birthday cake will be mounted on what during the Marine Corps birthday?
Mess serving cart or similar conveyance covered with scarlet and gold bunting
When the Marine Corps Birthday Ceremony is conducted at posts where there is no general officer commanding, who follows the procedure outlined for the CG?
Senior line officer
The right/left extremity of a unit either on line or in column. The element on the extreme right or left of the line. A direction at a right angle to the direction an element of a formation is facing defines what drill term?
What is the normal interval between individuals?
One arm's length
What is the dressing of several elements on a straight line?
The individual (base) upon whom a formation, or other elements, thereof, regulates its march is defined as what drill term?
The middle element of a formation within an odd number of elements or the left center element of a formation with an even # of elements is defined as what drill term?
Center (guide will be included in count)
How many inches are right and left steps?
12 inches
How many inches are half step and back step?
15 inches
How many inches are the steps in quick time and double time?
30 and 36 inches respectively
What is a rhythmic rate of march at a uniform step?
Cadence (slow/quick and double time)
How is voice controlled?
By opening the throat, suing the mouth to shape words and using the diaphragm to control the volume
The color guard consists of how many men?
Four men (2 noncommissioned officers are the color bearers and the 2 other junior men are the color guards)
Describe the Marine Corps color guard from left to right.
1-Left rifleman
2-Marine Corps color bearer
3-National color bearer
4-Right rifleman
Describe the Navy-Marine Corps color guard from left to right.
1-Left rifleman (Navy)
2-Navy color (Navy)
3-Marine Corps color (Marine)
4-National color (Marine)
5-Right rifleman (Marine)
Describe the Joint Armed Forces color guard.
1-Left Rifleman (Marine)
2-Coast Guard Color (CG)
3-Air Force Color (AF)
4-Navy Color (Navy)
5-Marine Corps Color (Marine)
6-Army Color (Army)
7-National Color (Army)
8-Right Rifleman (Army)
This serves the purpose of introducing any SNCO's and their spouses who have arrived and saying good-bye to any SNCO's leaving.
Hail and Farewell
This is usually a brief introduction of any newly arrived SNCO's with comments on where they are coming from and where they will be working.
Describe a farewell.
-Longer than a hail
-Marine's current section mentioned and where he is going
-Marine leaving should pick location
-Other attendees pick up tab
-Marine leaving can make comments