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When and where was the Marine Corps created?
November 10, 1775 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania at Tun Tavern.
How many battalions were raised when the Marine Corps was created?
Who is traditionally considered the first Commandant of the Marine Corps?
Captain Samuel Nicholas
When did the Marines come under the Department of the Navy?
What act states the present structure of the Marine Corps and what year was it amended?
The National Security Act of 1947 and was amended in 1952
When did the first Marine Corps landing take place?
1776. Revolutionary War when they invaded New Providence Island in the Bahamas. Earned the nickname "Leatherneck"
In what year did the Marines first raise the "Stars and Stripes" in the Eastern Hemisphere?
1805 on the "Shores of Tripoli"
In what year did the Marines occupy the "Halls of Montezuma"?
1847 during the Mexican War
In what year under the command of Colonel Lee (USA) did Marines storm the U.S. arsenal at Harper's Ferry to put down an attempted slave revolt by John Brown?
Who modified the British (Royal) Marine emblem to depict the Marines as both American and maritime?
Brigadier General Jacob Zeilin, 7th Commandant
What does the EGA signify?
The globe and anchor signify worldwide service and sea traditions. The spread eagle is a symbol of the Nation itself
When was the official motto for the Marine Corps "Semper Fidelis" adopted?
Marines defended the American Legation in Peking, China during the Boxer Rebellion in what year?
Who was the first pilot in the Marine Corps?
Major Alfred A. Cunningham in 1913
In what year did the Marines land in France and awarded the French Fourragere?
What year was the Marine Corps reorganized into the Fleet Marine Force?
What was the longest war in the history of the Marine Corps?
In what year did the Marines deploy to Lebanon as part of a multinational peacekeeping force?
What happened on the 23rd of October 1983?
Suicide truck bomb attack killed 241 Americans and wounded 70 others in Lebanon
Operation Desert Storm was launched in what year?
How did the Marines earn the nickname "Leathernecks"?
Marines wearing stiff leather stock around neck in 1776
The blood stripe was derived from what?
Halls of Montezuma during the Battle of Chapultepec in Mexico City
In what battle did the Marines help crush a German offensive that threatened Paris?
The Battle of Belleu Wood
German intel identified the Marines as what rating on the enemy fighting scale?
Storm troops
Where was the term devil dogs derived from?
German troops called the Marines "Teufelhunden" or "Devil Dogs"
What battle marked the first combat test of the new amphibious doctrine and also provided a crucial turning point of the war in the Pacific?
The Battle of Guadalcanal (7 August 1942)
In what battle did a Japanese commander proclaim it would take a million Americans 100 years to conquer it?
The Battle of Tarawa (secured within 76 hrs)
In what war did Lieutenant General Holland M. Smith lead a combined invasion of Marines and soldiers totaling over 136,000 that at the time was the greatest # of troops under a Marine command?
The Battle of Mariana Islands
What was the largest all-Marine battle in history?
The Battle of Iwo Jima on 19 Feb 1945
What was the bloodiest war in Marine Corps history (over 23,300 casualties)?
The Battle of Iwo Jima
Who said of Marines, "Among the Americans who served on Iwo Island, uncommon valor was a common virtue."
Admiral Chester W. Nimitz during the Battle of Iwo Jima
What corpsman was involved in the famous flag raising of the Battle of Iwo Jima?
Pharmacist Mate 2nd Class John Bradley
The major significance of this battle was that the Marines brought out all operable equipment, properly evacuated their wounded and dead, and maintained tactical integrity?
The Battle of Chosin Reservoir during November 1950
In what battle did the Communist forces launch an offensive by infiltrating large numbers of their troops into major population centers of South Vietnam?
The Battle of Hue City during the Vietnamese holiday of Tet in January 1968
Who became Commandant in 1820 and held his command for 39 years until his death in 1859?
Brevet Brigadier General Archibald Henderson "Grand Old Man of the Marine Corps"
Who is remembered for his performance at Cuzco Well (Gitmo, Cuba)?
Sergeant Major John Quick
Who earned two Medal of Honor's during the Chinese Boxer Rebellion and the First Caco War in Haiti?
Sergeant Major Dan Daly
Who yelled to his men during the Battle of Belleau Wood, "Come on, you sons of a bitch, do you want to live forever?"
Sergeant Major Dan Daly
Who became known as the "Tiger of the Mountains" in 1930?
Lieutenant General Louis B. "Chesty" Puller
What is the name of the Marine Corps mascot (an english bulldog)?
What Marine was recognized as the Marine Corps' top ranking flying ace with 28 victories?
Major Gregory R. "Pappy" Boyington
This Pima Indian was one of the Marines immortalized in the now famous photograph taken of the second flag raising on Mount Suribachi.
Ira H. Hayes
Who became the Marine Corps' first enlisted woman and what year?
Opha Mae Johnson on August 13, 1918
What were the first Marine Corps enlisted women known as?
skirt Marines and Marinettes
Who became the Marine Corps first woman general officer and what year?
Brigadier General Margaret A. Brewer on May 11, 1978
At what distance do you being to salute?
At least 6, but not more than 30 paces away
What are the Warrant Officer ranks in the Marine Corps?
E8 in the USMC
First Sergeant or Master Sergeant
When do you not salute the national Ensign when boarding or departing a naval ship?
Between sunset and 0800