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What are the three purposes of FM 22-100?
To provide leadership doctrine for meeting mission requirements under all conditions. To establish, a unified leadership theory for all army leaders; military and civilian, acitve and reserve, officer and enlisted. To provide a comprehensive and adaptable leadership resource for the Army of the 21st century
What is the fundamental mission of the Army
To deter war and, if deterrance fails, to win in combat
What is meant by the term warrior ethos?
One's desire to accomplish the army's mission despite any and all adversity. It is grounded in a refusal toa ccept failure.
Name two reasons why good leadership shouold be important to you and why it is important to the Amry?
It enhances the warrior ethos in yourself and your people. Your people deserve nothing less
What is meant by the term LEADERSHIP?
Leadership is influencing people-by providing purpose, direction, and motiviation while operating to accomplish the mission and improving the organization
In providing purpose for soldiers a reason for doing something what critical element is a basic bond of leadership and must be developed over time.
Desc. what is meant by providing direction.
Figuring out how to get the work done right with the available people, time, and other resources-then commnunicating that info to your subordinates.
There are many techniques for motivating soldiers. What is perhaps the best technique?
Set the right example- "Lead from the front"
What are the four dimensions of the Leadership framework?
Values, attributes, skills, and actions
What phrase epitomizes the Army Leadership Framework?
Leaders of Character and Competence Act to achieve excellence by providing purpoe, motivation, and direction.
When it comes to character, what a soldier must be to be a good leader is subdivided into what two areas?
Values and attributes
What are the army values that define a leader's character?
(S)elfless service
(P)ersonal Courage
The desired attributes of a good leader are futher subdivided into three categories. What are they?
Mental attributes-will, self-disc, initiative, judgement, confidence,
Physical- health, military bearing, professional
Emotional- self-control, balance, and stability
What are the four skill domains that determine a leader's level of competence?
Interpersonal skills
Conceptual skills
Technical skills
Tactical skills
What 3 things mus a leader DO in order to provide PURPOSE, DIRECTION AND MOTIVATION?