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What FM covers "field hygiene and Sanitation?"
FM 21-10
What is the purpose of FM21-10?
To assist individual service members, unit commanders, uit leaders and FST's in preventing DNBI
What is hygiene?
Hygiene is the self-employment of practives that will keep one healthy
What is "sanitation"?
The effective use of measures that will create and maintain healthful Whenivironmental conditions.
What is PVNTMED?
it is the identification of the medical threat, assessing the risk of the medical threat in terms of operation requirements, medical surveillance, and the providing of recommendations for the mitigation of adverse health effets.
What are the 3 major components of the medical threat to field forces?
1. Environmental factors
2. Diseases caused by animal bites.
3. Diseases endemic to the area of operations.
How do you difine "communicable diseases"?
Those illnesses that can be transmitted from man 2 man, animal 2 man, insect 2 man, aka contagious or infectious diseases.
What are the 5 commnicable diseases groups classified by the Army?
Respiratory,intestinal, insect-borne,miscellaneous, venereal
Which of the five communicable disease groups accounts for the highest incidence of disease in the army?
Respiratory infections
What is the principle source of the organism that causes intestinal disease
The feces of man
Intestinal diseases usually are caused by the contamination of food and water with germs from human feces or urine. They are aka?
filth diseases
What is the chainof disease transmission?
Reservoir- source
vehicle- means of transmission
susceptible person
What are the three basic control measures for communicable diseases?
Control the source
Stop the transmission
Protect the susceptible person
What are the five Fs of field sanitation?
Fingers, food, fluids, flies, feces
What are PMMs?
Preventive Medicine Measures are simple commonsense actions that any sodier can perfom and every leader must know in order to reduce time loss due to DNBI
FM 21-10 covers 8 categories of medical threats. What are they?
heat, cold, food/waterborne diseases, arthropods and other animals, personal hygiene and physical/mental fitness, poisonous plants and toxic fruits, toxic industrial chemnicals/materials
Which of the 8 medical threats is considered to be the most lethal of all?
What are the three principles of PMM?
1. soldiers perform individual techniques of PMM
2. COC plans for and enforces PMM
3. FST train soldeirs in PMM and advise the commander and uit leaders on implementation of unit level PMM
What are the individual PMMs for heat injuries?
Acclimatization, drink plenty of water, use work/rest cycles, eat all meals, recognize the risk of gear, modify your uniform
The quantity of H20 required ofr soldiers varies with the season of the year, the geographical area, and tactical situation. What is a good "GENERAL" guide for planning drinking water
1/2 to 1 1/4 quarts of water per hour- with as much as 3 gallons per day in hot, dry climates
What are the six sources of water?
Rain, ground, surface, snow, sea water, ice
What five factors should be considered whn selecting a water source?
The military situation, the quantity of water needed, the accessibility of the source, the general quality of the source, the type of purification equipment available for use
Water taken fromany of the six sources mentioned above must be treated b4 use, as all sources of water in the field are considered
What are the three rules of water discipline?
1. Drink only approved water
2. Conserve water
3. Protect water sources by good sanitary practices
What does WBGT index stand for?
Wet Bulb Globe Temperature index. It is a single numeral by which air temperature, air movement, relative humidity and radiant heat can be expressed as favorable or unfavorable for certain types of activities
What should the use of tobacco products be avoided in extremely cold weather?
It decreases blood flow to the skin
What should be used by leaders to approximate the equivalent temperature of the cooling power of wind on exposed flesh, therby reducing the probability of cold weather injuries to soldiers?
A Wind-chill Factor Chart (GTA 8-5-40)
After shave lotion, cologne, and/or perfume soaps should not be used in a field environment for waht reason?
They attract biting or stinging bugs
What chemical is currently the DOD standard insect repellant for clothing?
What chemical is currently the DOD standard SKIN insect repellant?